2020 Blockchain game outlook: MixMarvel pivot to blockchain game publishing

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By Christmas 2019, MixMarvel has celebrated the first anniversary of its signature game HyperDragons Go! Ontology version. HyperDragons is globally accredited among the early wave of blockchain games due to its product quality and creative digital asset-based gameplay. While the MixMarvel brand is highly associated with HyperDragons, in the year 2020, MixMarvel will pivot to blockchain game publishment, with the aim of constructing a blockchain game that can realize mass blockchain adoption. MixMarvel will not only focus on the quality of the game that should be comparable to mainstream games but will also concentrate on other critical factors such as technical solutions, traffic supply, token economy design, community construction, and other blockchain game-specific know-how.

Game developers need a tailor-made solution for blockchain games

Developers need a one-stop solution that they can use so that they can focus on creating quality games instead of worrying about, firstly, the learning cost of blockchain adoption and, secondly, the resources to attract users into blockchain games. MixMarvel clears the two major obstacles for developers and provides them with a holistic solution. MixMarvel knows all the pain points because, on the path of creating HyperDragons, it has gone through the whole procedure as both the developer and the publisher.

Rocket Protocol 2.0 + MMSDK, allow mainstream game developers to integrate with blockchain easily

Mainstream game developers were not willing to join the blockchain game industry because there was a high learning cost involved. MixMarvel’s solution increases the efficiency of mainstream developers getting into blockchain by reducing their learning cost to the minimum: Rocket Protocol (RP) 2.0 is a layer-2 solution that can be integrated with any public or alliance chain. For mainstream game developers that want to develop a blockchain game and launch it on a public chain, it is possible to merely leverage RP 2.0, which eliminates the need to write a smart contract for mainstream developers; developers can write in whatever language they like. Besides, MMSDK provides supplementary solutions that are necessary for blockchain games including login, payments and trading modules. In the past, mainstream developers usually needed to take at least half a year to get ready for blockchain games; at present, MixMarvel shortens the time frame to only 1–2 months.

Traffic support plus in-depth know-how of blockchain games equals mass adoption

Apart from the production of a quality blockchain game, another key factor is getting games published and distributed. MixMarvel provides services that cover all the key checkpoints of a killer blockchain game. MixMarvel has partnered with a wide variety of giant traffic platforms in the industry, including many traffic resources that mainstream games do not cover, thus providing an incremental market for mainstream developers. In addition to traffic support, MixMarvel delivers its industry know-how to developers and eliminates their trial-and-error time for game token economy design and community construction.

The whole blockchain industry is waiting for that mass adoption dApp, or at least a game anticipated highly enough to be the breakthrough point. There is no barrier for gamers to understand blockchain games as the gamers have been already accustomed to tokenization for a while; the game is one of the most native applications that can achieve mass blockchain adoption. Different parties have been trying to tackle the problem, but there is a ubiquitous lack of holistic solutions in the market; some solve login issues, some tackle payments, and some work on traffic. MixMarvel will focus on the aggregation of all the possible solutions and releasing the killer dApp in the market of 2020.

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