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Qingkai: I am Qingkai from Celer.

Mary: Hi, I’m Mary from MixMarvel.

Qingkai: Today, we will ask Mary to have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with our community because the community is very curious about the recent partnership between Celer and MixMarvel. Before we start, can you briefly introduce yourself and MixMarvel? And are there any exciting games that are preparing for launch?

Mary: My name is Mary, and I’m from MixMarvel. We are a blockchain game publishing platform, and we started in 2017. As for our Core team, we all have over 15 years of experience in the traditional game industry. We started our blockchain games [path] with HyperDragons (which is our first game), and we surpassed Crypto Kitty. I don’t want to say that, but… We really love that game, but we surpassed it in August 2018. Now we are launching more games, and most of them are large-scale games like Ground Hunter, which is similar to a blockchain-version CS. We are thrilled to collaborate with Celer because we both think we have our strong points, and we can cooperate very well.

Qingkai: Yes, a lovely introduction. What does the current user base look like for MixMarvel? Is there any target audience in terms of future user adoption? We all know that the blockchain game user adoption is a…

Mary: …is a pain point.

Qingkai: Yeah, a pain point, a headache for many blockchain game developers.

Mary: Sure! I think it is quite painful for both of us now. Our current user base in each of the games… that will be between 1k to 3k DAU. As Qingkai mentioned before, we are looking for more customers from the traditional world, not just within the crypto world. According to Dapp Review, only 2% of the crypto holders are playing dApps. And within all the dApps, including DeFi, decentralized exchanges, and blockchain games, this group will be too small for a single game. Now we are looking for more traffic channels outside the circle. It is what we are focusing on — mass adoption.

Qingkai: I think it is so in Celer as well. We are trying to bring in users and grow the size of the community because we all agree that mass adoption or the definition of mass adoption should not be restricted to blockchain users. As Mary mentioned earlier, the number of users of the blockchain games is still a minimal amount compared to the traditional game industry. Is there any particular thing or technology you guys are developing in terms of achieving the mass adoption or improving the user experience?

Mary: The pain point we are facing is not just in the number of users. There is a reason why many people cannot get into this field. In terms of developers, they lack technical support, and the infrastructure is quite weak right now. And for the users, they have to install crypto wallets, and they have to know about the tokens. As there is plenty of friction for people to get into this field, we are building our Rocket Protocol. We generate the universal log-in system, and the payment system and our Layer-2 can solve the problem of the speed and the high cost [of public chains]. For example, in HyperSnakes, users can use their email or phone [number] to register in the game first. They can experience in the training field, and afterward, if they want to get rewards or withdraw their money, that is the time they install the wallet. In this point of view, the Rocket protocol can solve most of the problems to support large-scale games. We believe that Celer is doing more things in terms of small games. As we all know, Celer is using state channels, and it is very transparent and has a low cost for users, we are more than willing to cooperate with you in this area, and it will be quite efficient.

Qingkai: We think in Celer, we are also focusing on the user experience because we all believe that this is the kind of friction point for the mass adoption of the blockchain games [is a problem]. So currently, we will also have CelerX, a mobile application that focuses on the e-sport blockchain games, and most of them are small games, as Mary mentioned. With state channel technology developed by Celer, we can let players play skill-based small games, and win prizes. [With] the prize payout and also with blockchain, you can achieve anti-cheating and assure the fairness of the games. So, I think that both of us are trying to use the Layer-2 technology to improve the users’ experience of blockchain games. I believe our community is still very curious about our partnership because there are also many other Layer-2 projects. What do you think Celer can provide? And in terms of the partnership, why do you choose us as a partner of MixMarvel?

Mary: Apart from personal emotions, I’ll say that there are two points about this. One is — because, Celer and Rocket Protocol are the only realized Layer-2 solutions, especially in the game industry. Rocket Protocol is vertically for the game industry, and Celer decides to start with the game industry. But, both of us can already realize what we are thinking. That’s the first reason [in brief]: because your technology is strong enough to support what you want to do. And the second one is — because we are covering different markets. For us, we are covering most of the Asian markets, like China and Korea, and we are getting more of Southeast Asia and Japan. You are very strong in the US, and it’s another biggest market, so we know you have many resources, and you are already developing the publishing channels. We think one important thing is content, and the other important thing is traffic. So we can both collaborate on this. And in terms of the US market, as a content provider, we can find you more high-quality content, and we wholeheartedly believe that you can manage in the market quite well.

Qingkai: That’s nice, also I think that one of the questions that the community want to know about is — when the community expects to see games developed by both of us. I believe that the community also is eager to see this kind of a game coming out.

Mary: Good things always come late. But we are trying to speed things up, and we want to provide high-quality content to your community, especially as a first trial. I won’t promise, but hopefully within the next quarter.

Qingkai: Thank you, Mary, for the great answers, and this has covered most of the questions the community is curious about.

Mary: I am more than happy to do this.

Qingkai: We are looking forward to the future and the collaboration between MixMarvel and Celer.

Mary: Yes, we got the responsibility to do mass adoption. Thank you.

Qingkai: Thank you.

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