Verge Currency Marketing Update #7

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Verge Marketing Update #7

February 14th, 2020

We left January behind embracing the New Year. 2019 is now completely done and gone. Time doesn’t define us. We are still, all volunteers, that are dedicated to spending time on this great project that is Verge Currency; even after a 50-hour work week.

We trust that you are staying humble to your New Years resolutions, because we certainly are! Alright, let’s break it down, what have we been up to till now?

Marketing Team Expansion

We are very happy to announce that we have two new Marketing team members. Please welcome XVG_Gauti and MarkOnDCrypto!

XVG_Gauti is a professional web and graphic designer with a massive passion for cryptocurrency. Besides being VergeFam for a long time, he’s joined the Core team at Verge to bolster our marketing efforts.

Next up is MarkOnDCrypto. Bishal is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with a background in electronics and communication. Bishal puts his hands on anything code and tech related from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UI and UX, graphics, to motion video and is also contributing Outreach efforts for our community, partners and beyond.

“When I started hearing about cryptocurrency, Verge was the second name that came to me after Bitcoin. I have always admired the Core members and the community, who have always backed the project; even in its toughest and most critical times making it one of the strongest projects in the industry. Verge has developed itself from a vision that everyone loved and what everyone is looking for in this era. In my opinion “For the people, by the people” is the best suited proverb I can find that reflects the projects views.”

- Bishal aka MarkOnDCrypto (2020)

Cut a long story real short, it’s easy to say that we think both additions will bring Verge forward! Oh! While you are still reading this update, please give both of our latest members a follow

- MarkOnDCrypto

- XVG_Gauti

Binance Direct Conversion

Last week Binance added eight new cryptocurrency assets to their conversion function: ETH, BNB, XRP, LTC, TRX, ADA, XLM and yes, XVG! But what does this mean exactly? Well, it means that these cryptocurrencies can now be converted to the multiple other cryptocurrencies. This has a great benefit for XVG considering it will provide additional flexibility for traders. More specifically, it will enable traders to swap between XVG and other cryptocurrencies based on preference or per market movements.

Read about it here

Gil Linster

Put your hands together for one of our Fueled by Verge stars, Gil Linster!

Gil has been one of our loyal supporters for years. This month, Gil participated in the New Smyrna Speedway race in Florida and finished in 11th place.

Keep up the great work! Your continued support and exposure you bring to Verge, and its community is massively appreciated! We can’t wait to see you represent Verge at more NASCAR races in the USA this year! Let’s go for Pole position!

New Support and Helpdesk Platform

Currently, the main platform for wallet documentation, instructions and solutions to the most common Verge tech hiccups are gathered on Verge’s ZenDesk. In addition, users can reach out to our wallet support channels at Telegram and Discord to get direct support.

We are continually working on a new, user friendly platform to gather all up to date information and add new tutorials. We believe that this platform will provide better service to the community.

Verge University

We have introduced Verge University to you before. We are glad to inform you that we are currently in the progress of finalizing the PowerPoint presentation that will be used and presented at multiple universities throughout the Netherlands.

To give you a brief recap on what drives students to be part of Verge University is:

1. Learning and mastering Outreach, learning key tips to boost your CV/resumes, access to blockchain course material

2. Improve your presentation skills

3. Getting familiar with blockchain and technology that revolves around it.

3. Learn how to organize and plan Verge related events

Hopefully, we will be able to share the Verge-University PowerPoint with you during the next marketing update.

Are you a student? Are you curious to learn more? Would like to be part of the Verge University movement? If the answer is Yes, please reach out to Jaybawz. Stay tuned for more!

Closing Statement

That’s it for now, but no need to worry, we will be back with a fresh new update soon! In ending, stay radical VergeFam! Keep smashing the Outreach for business near and far!

Together we will all pave the way to mass adoption!

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