FLETA and ALLCOME ENERGY Sign a Contract

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In early February, FLETA agreed to develop the blockchain mainnet for Allcome Energy.

Allcome Energy is a company that developed a high-efficiency hybrid power by using water and wind and aims to establish the first eco-friendly fusion power plant in the world. For its goal, it has achieved 13 different patents, including Methane Merged Development Technology, Wind Power Generator, and Livestock Excretory Treatment Unit, etc.

Team FLETA is excited about the results that can be created by the contract. Blockchain technology can be applied to eco-friendly businesses. In the case of Allcome Energy’s business model, data such as wind speed and direction will be stored on the blockchain. Through the exact data, efficient analysis of energy generation can be made and much power can be generated at a lower cost.

FLETA hopes blockchain technology will be widely used for protecting the global environment.

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