Swipe Locks $78.9 million dollars worth of SXP in Audited Time-Lock Smart Contract

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Swipe is proud to announce that we have officially locked $78,927,344 of Swipe Tokens (SXP), at press time, in a Time-Lock Smart Contract audited by CertiK! This announcement follows up our public AMA in where Swipe’s Chief Operating Officer stated that Swipe’s Team allocation tokens would no longer be freely transferable. With our partnership with CertiK, we have now deposited these tokens into a time-lock smart contract on Ethereum that has a programmatic release in accordance with the Swipe White Paper.

Swipe Time-Lock Smart Contract Certification Code

With this lock, Swipe has moved over the Team tokens over a time locked period throughout 8 years. This shows transparency and commitment to the protocol with a high level of security verified by CertiK, a leader in smart-contract audits and formal verifications.

The address for the time lock contract is the following: 0x6c42c72e80481ad654e63d364bb9d86c90819a25

Swipe has also worked with Etherscan to provide a nametag for this account under “Swipe: Treasury 3” so its easily viewable to all users.

Thank you!

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