Development Update 01.30–02.13

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The time has come for yet another update from our devoted developers. Driven by the same passion for technology as in the day they have written their first line of code and eagerness to finally show the world what they have been working on for the past year, our developers are making tremendous progress. Navigating the complex web of Internet’s nooks and crannies, they face formidable challenges but end each day having learned something new. These past two weeks were no different in this regard. While refining the NOIA App and its underlying network, they also found time to implement already the third batch of backbone infrastructure that our business team lately got their hands on. About that and more below.

NOIA Network Software Updates:


  • Implemented improved Logging and Authorization;
  • Updated missing dependencies;
  • Working on Performance optimization.


  • Improved Controller’s UI/UX:
  • Public User zone (registration and login);
  • App tunnel connect/disconnect function;
  • Updated refactored Controller Server’s table;
  • Refactored server’s data plane and control flow for the new network backbone provider;
  • Integrated the new Authorization for the BI;
  • Implemented the Single server route control;
  • Exposed additional parameters for the Controller’s UI/UX;
  • Implemented the predefined SR Path policies control;
  • Working on Traffic Management for implementing Apps and Servers.

NOIA Orchestrator:

  • Integrated the 3rd network backbone provider;
  • Building the final automated process for deploying any type of server with connected 3rd party providers (including Ansible scripts).


  • After testing NOIA Worldwide network backbone via SRv6 discovered new VPP issues and challenges concerning performance;
  • Improving the VPP network’s traffic performance.


  • Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Mac): Finished developing the Error handling mechanism. The App is in the pre-prod stage;
  • Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Windows): Finished developing the statics measuring mechanism and the installation process. The App is in the pre-prod stage;
  • Working on the NOIA App’s connection with the NOIA SDN (Linux): Finished improving the Userspace and the Kernel space. The App is in the pre-prod stage.

The work of developers is often overlooked, but there’s no escaping the fact that they are as essential to most startups as oxygen to life. If you too would like to join honourable ranks of our development team, we have good news — NOIA is hiring. If you believe that you have the skills needed to help create the Internet of the future, visit our careers page and contact us with your resume. That is all for this time, and we will be back in a few weeks with the new update.

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