Monthly News Letter: October 2019

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Greetings, fellow Mossrians!

“No spring nor summer’s beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face….” — John Donne, “Elegy IX: The Autumnal”-

Autumn has arrived 🍂🍁🍂🍁 bringing fluctuating temperatures to the city. Stay alert and avoid catching a cold!

Let us start with October’s newsletter. 👀

Awesome presentation of Mossland’s CEO at UDC 2019

Last September, Mr.Son had made an impressive presentation at UDC 2019 about proof of service. Let us share the footage. :)

You can also check other marvelous presentations from other speechmakers at UDC’s channels. Make sure you check‘em out!!👇👇

▶️ UDC Official Website:
▶️ UDC Official Youtube Channel:

Sneak peek of Royal Marble_#1 Card Items

We are on our final stages developing Royal Marble! Let us return the favor of your waiting by showing you some secret sneak peeks from the game itself!👀

Our first peek! Card items (building/avatar/dice) are probably the most important elements in the game.

Every card has its own unique grades and attributes. (Some cards have secret skills that are triggered on special conditions.. 🤫)

Raise your level by collecting in-game currency 💵! As your level gets higher, you can come up with various card combinations making it hard to predict the winner!😸

  • 🗽Building Card: Cards that determine the form and function of the buildings on the game board. The various components that determine the skill stats of the building could be a bit complex at first.🤪 However, we assure you an excellent game of strategic competition that will thrill you once you achieve your first victory.😎
  • 👾 Avatar Card: Cards that function as horses in the game. Every lovely avatar has it’s own cute story.
  • 🎲 Dice Card: The flower of marble games is the unpredictable nature of game results. What determines such randomness is the dice! Collect dices with different stats and appearances to add to the fun of the game!

Below are object images that represent each card item! Additional to these cute folks, around 200 cards will be released initially! They are like sons and daughters to the development team so make sure you show them some love!🙏🙏😂

🎡 Attraction Park🎡

👑 King Martini👑

The 5th King of his kingdom. A keen strategist with a great mind who always leads his people into victory. In recognition of its power, he overpowered his brothers and inherited the throne.

🎲 Garuda Dice🎲

Dice in the form of half-man half-animal. The gesture of warning to evil spirits is impressive.

Sneak peek of Royal Marble_#2 Board Images

Let us show you 3 main images where all the fierce competition happens. 🙈

The boards greatly add to the overall entertainment of Royal Marble. All buildings and avatars will be placed on the board in 3D.

There are also several types of tiles composing the board. Let us share more information regarding special tiles in the future! (hmmm… I wonder what those blurred areas are.. 🤔)

Stay tuned for our next series of sneak peeks!🙌🙌

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