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Earlier this year a blockchain mobile health start-up app Lympo and Samsung have announced that they will be working together to enhance people’s health in the U.S. Such successful move and constantly growing significance of the collaboration has resulted in even greater news. Lympo is proud to announce that the CEO Ada, CSO Tadas and apps CPO Marius will be taking part in the Samsung Developer Conference 2019, per Samsung invite.

This has joined these two brands in a few various ways. On the 10th of July, the blockchain-based mobile health app Lympo has announced to have secured a joined project with Samsung Health, the world’s leading fitness app. The first benefit for the users was an easy way to transfer LYM tokens directly to their Samsung’s blockchain wallet. The second move was to offer clients joined challenges and exciting ways on how to improve their health. On the 15th of October Lympo and Samsung Health has launched some challenges for Healthy Habits Month. Lastly, Lympo also became Galaxy Note 10 launch partner in South Korea where the app has been displayed at Galaxy Studio pop up stores in the whole country. More than 10 million users have visited Galaxy Studios over a span of 8 weeks in South Korea.

On the 29th-30th of October Lympo will be taking part in one of the biggest yearly conferences for technological development — Samsung Developer Conference 2019. The event brings together thousands of developers, creators, and technologists from all around the world to explore the newest technologies. The two-day conference consists of announcements from the global Samsung leaders, technical sessions and amazing networking opportunities with market giants. This is a great opportunity to further strengthen Lympo and Samsung relationship, as well as, introduce the blockchain-powered mobile health start-up app to broader audiences. In the exhibition, Lympo will have a stand where the visitors will get a chance to indulge in the #sdc19 #lympo experience. The app will offer any and all to participate in a squat challenge where participants will donate their squats which will be exchanged into LYM tokens and donated to charity. One squat will be equal to 10 LYM tokens, so #squatforcharity!

Lympo has only launched its app in Q4 2018 and has already built a strong and ever-growing community. So far 2019 has been an exciting and eventful year for Lympo. The app has seen massive growth with 300.000 happy and healthy users around the globe. And the number is increasing daily. This conference is an amazing honor and another step in the app’s promising journey. And they will not be stopping any time soon. To be a part of this you can try Lympo now at

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