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This is first update of REDi’s business in 2020.

Our monitoring device has acquired Korea Certification, which is a legal requirement for the device.

Monitoring Device

Now our team is busy installing the device at customers’ power plants.

Customer’s PV plant

To help your understanding for the device installation, here is a quick overview of how solar power plant works.

PV plant Map

Solar panel produce electricity in DC and send to Inverter. Inverter converts DC into AC and then send on the power grid. Households, offices, factories and anywhere consume electricity., then are able to use electricity from the power grid.

All electricity produced by solar panel has to go through inverter for conversion. To monitor the power production, the device is installed in inverters. The device is connected to internet, so it transmits the monitoring data to the monitoring server.

Spread of REDi’s monitoring deviceis very crucial to build up Data marketplace for data collection. We will update more progress of REDi. Stay tuned.

Installing The Device
After Installation in Inverter

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Through the industrial application of AI and blockchain, REDi aims to drive the digital transformation of renewable energy. We pursue a decentralized data marketplace whereby consolidated and verified data can be accessed by every industry participant.

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