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Dear TEMCO community,

We are back with another GUHADA update this week.

We like to share TEMCO’s development status on a weekly basis and business status on a monthly basis with the goal of continuous and transparent project.

Weekly report of TEMCO Development Status

TEMCO team has conducted a total of 11 development updates every week since its launch on October 23 to stabilize GUHADA project. And the program stabilization and improvement is 5,353 cases as of now.

Improvements have been made in Android, iOS App, mobile web, Seller Admin, Settlement Admin, server, and blockchain. In this regard, the main contents of the last two weeks are as follows.

Program stabilization and improvement cases

Market business status report

As of Jan. 13, the average number of monthly visitors since the market opening is about 300,000. The total number of registered products is about 270,000, and the average number of maintained products is about 100,000. Currently, about 40% of sellers have entered the luxury market based on the target.

Since the end of October, monthly orders have increased significantly. November orders increased 478% compared to October, and December orders increased 1,256% compared to November.

We are preparing for beta service that applies blockchain technology to our platform. Also, we are in a process to upload customs clearance, product purchase and distribution history to blockchain, and to receive A/S through NFC card. We will continue to expand the beta service by the end of January.

TEMCO team is making continuous efforts to stabilize the blockchain application and the whole project. We will endeavor to become a sustainable project with weekly development status and monthly business status.

Thank you for your support.

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