Initial Results for IOST Q4 Contribution Rankings and Rewards

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Partner and Servi Node report submission for the IOST Q4 Contribution Reward System has now concluded and initial rankings have been assessed. In total, nodes successfully submitted valid reports across 5 categories and from 10 countries.

20 nodes successfully achieved Tier 1 status, earning the highest rewards of roughly 1.32M IOST each. In total, nearly 53M IOST tokens will be paid out to Nodes across all tiers and categories. Additionally, these rewards constitute only half of the quarterly reward payout, with nodes also receiving their “share of votes” quarterly rewards during the distribution.

Total IOST token Contribution Reward System payout per tier and per node

Assessment and Ranking

The contribution report assessment lasted from Jan 3rd to Jan 10th. Each node’s report was assessed independently by at least 10 individuals from the IOST and ICAC teams.

An indicative framework and scoring system per category was used which was then averaged for each report. Nodes were then ranked by average scores in each category. Once the initial tiers has been established, an open and collaborative discussion took place to compare reports that where similar, close in scores or on the board-line of tiers. In a few exceptional cases where assessment was tied and could not be resolved, these nodes were awarded equal ranking. Through this week-long process, the following node rankings were established and displayed below (sorted in no particular order).

Disputes and Payouts

In the next phase and in the spirit of fairness, we will now open up a consultative period where any node that disagrees with their assigned tier can query their result. Nodes must provide specific reasoning for a requested tier change and also highlight which node in an above tier and same category should be rotated. This request will then be assessed and a final decision will be made. After this period, all contribution rewards and share of votes rewards for the Q4 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each nodes account. For disputes please contact your regional contact (CN, JP, KR or INTL) for the node ecosystem.

  • Disputes open until 23:59 Jan 16th (GMT+8).
  • Final rankings and Contribution System will be released on Friday, Jan 17.
  • Contribution rewards payouts will finish by the end of February, please pay attention to IOST official announcement for updates.

Building the IOST Node Ecosystem

With excellent rewards for nodes and their voters, we hope we have demonstrated the high value that building and contributing to the IOST ecosystem can have. With significant rewards, especially for Tier 1 and Tier 2 contributors, we hope to highly incentive nodes to keep contributing to the IOST ecosystem and achieve our goals of being the leading scalable and decentralized public blockchain in the world.

For support and advice for specific initiatives from the IOST core team, please contact your local representative. Also, keep an eye on your Node discussion groups for requests for support in several upcoming initiatives run by the core team, these count to your contributions too!

To become a node, join the IOST ecosystem and start earning rewards please check out the Servi & Partner Node Registration Guide.


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