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Hey Everyone! It’s the KStarLive Team.

We’d first like to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank everyone who took part in our token sales. We’d also like to thank as well as apologize to all those who have been eagerly waiting for an update and news regarding our token. Please find below more detailed information regarding the matter:

■ Temporary Suspension of KSC Swap Service

As of December 31st, 2019, the swap service of ERC-20 based KStarCoin (KSC) to Luniverse based KStarCoin (KSC) will be temporarily suspended. If you own ERC-20 based KStarCoin (KSC), please complete the swap to Luniverse based KStarCoin (KSC) by December 31st, 2019 through KStarLive’s platform. Those that have already completed the swap process and moved the allotted coins to Coinone’s Exchange or those that are currently trading KSC on Coinone’s exchange will not be affected and operations will continue as is.

The token swap service is expected to resume at a later date. Once details and a timeline are finalized another announcement will be posted on all of our official communication channels.

<Token Swap Guide>

Again, we would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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