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MEET.ONE wallet is developed by MEET.ONE team, one of the Top 21 BPs of EOS. With only one wallet, users can simultaneously register and manage different public chain accounts, including EOS, ETH, Cosmos, Binance, and MEET.ONE,etc. All private keys of accounts are in your own hands, highly secure and decentralized.

MEET.ONE wallet also invents an aggregated trading platform “MEX”. MEX integrates the full & instant trading data of Binance, HuobiGlobal, and OKex. For example, if you want to buy BTC, MEX will smartly present the lowest price for you from one of these exchanges. MEX provides the best liquidity, covers a wider range of cryptocurrencies and hence to be an effective tool for users to grab maximum profits. If you prefer the convenience, wide range of options and deep liquidity of a crypto exchange, you definitely need to have a MEX account, easily registered with the mobile phone number or email address.

1.Download MEET.ONE wallet


iOS: (MEET.ONE Pro version recommended, require pre-installation of testflight)


Tutorial for MEET.ONE Pro installation:

2. MEX Exchange

a. Register a MEX Account

To register a MEX account, please follow the below 3 quick steps.

b. Referral Bonus

Currently, MEX only charges 0.15% trading fees per order, Moreover, you can earn rewards by inviting friends to trade on MEX. 40% of trading fees your invitees generated will directly award you! You can use your exclusive invitation poster to invite your friends. From the picture below, you can see, my friends traded 33628 USDT on MEX and I gained 20 USDT bonus without any effort. Amazing! When your friends trade BIG, you WIN BIG!

c. KYC

To secure your assets, you are required to complete KYC before trading. Please verify with your real ID/Passport information in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and hassle in the event of loss of password, hacking or other issues.

d. Trading Fee Rewards

Every new user who successfully registers will get 10 USDT credited to their account! The 10 USDT is temporarily frozen and will be automatically unfrozen when the user trades over 10,000 USDT. This reward is the trading fee subsidy bonus for new users!

e. Arbitrage and Profits!

MEX aggregates the liquidity of Binance, HuobiGlobal, and OKex all into one, presenting the arbitrage opportunities for users to take advantage of price differences across different exchanges, and make profits within the platform!

In the example below, we can see that the buying price of BTC is actually higher than the selling price! This is possible because for short periods of time, different exchanges will have slightly different prices and sometimes the difference is big enough that the favorable arbitrage chance appears. When this happens, simply “buy” at the lower selling price and immediately “sell” at the higher buying price within MEX. The beauty of the MEX is that with practice, a buy and sell order can be completed within 1–2 seconds. During periods of major market volatility, sometimes the opportunity for the carry trade can last for a few minutes, which means a few hundred buy and sell orders can be made!

3. Create accounts on multiple public chains

So far, MEET.ONE Wallet has supported EOS, Ethereum, Binance, Cosmos and other major chains of which BTC is coming soon. You can create these accounts within the wallet, and your private keys are all stored securely on your local device.

The way of creating accounts on major public chains is similar. Here I will take EOS wallet creation for example. If you can deal with creating an EOS wallet, then it’s a piece of cake for you to create wallets on other chains.

a. EOS

Not an EOS account yet? Please refer to this guide:

Already have an EOS account? Choose “Import wallet” and enter 51-digit private keys, then you can start to use it!

Note: Unlike other public chains, creating an EOS account is not free. You can use Paypal to purchase an invitation code and complete account creation. The invitation code is needed if you create an EOS account with the MEET.ONE wallet.

If you don’t have PayPal, you may consider using: to create an eos account.

b. “Decongestion Mode”

Currently, the CPU of the EOS network is heavily congested. To relieve this problem and enable users to transact normally, MEET.ONE released “Decongestion Mode’’ that allows users to purchase CPU by paying a little bit of EOS. The purchased CPU will be consumed before your resource packs when you enable “Decongestion Mode’’.

b. Play dApps

There are various applications and games on the EOS mainnet. Please open the MEET.ONE wallet and go to the [Discovery] page to experience! ENJOY and have FUN!

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