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We’re very excited to announce that the Aion Staking Interface is now live and ready for delegation! As of today, Aion holders can select and stake their Aion with the available Staking Pools on the interface. Over the coming week, Staking Pools will be continuously onboarding onto the interface leading up to the Unity upgrade on November 19th-20th (block time dependent). Once the Unity upgrade has taken place, the production of PoS blocks will begin. This new Aion Staking Interface is your one-stop-shop for all staking services for The OAN.

Please note that until the Unity upgrade has taken place, no PoS blocks are produced and therefore no rewards are distributed to pools or delegators.

The Aion Staking Interface features the ability to access your account through Ledger, key-store, private key, and mnemonic phrase. The desktop application is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for key-store, private key, and mnemonic phrase.

Key Features:

  • Delegation
    A coin holder can delegate Aion to a staking pool that runs node infrastructure on the network. When the staking pool that you have delegated to produces a block on the network, you earn a share of the rewards.
  • Un-Delegation
    A coin holder can un-delegate their stake at any point in time. There is a lock-up period of approximately 24 hours (based on block times) after which the stake is transferred to the staking account.
  • Withdrawal
    Rewards are distributed for successful block production among delegators of a stake. A coin-holder can withdraw these rewards anytime instantly to their account.

Last week we announced our initial list of staking pool partners, you can see the full list on the Aion Staking Interface as they register, and you may choose to delegate to one, or multiple pools. If you have any questions, please visit our community social channels or submit a ticket on our official support otherwise start delegating today!

Important Links

Staking Interface

Supporting Docs

Community Support

Aion Support (2–3 days)

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