“Introducing Rookie Groups to Hallyu Fans Across The World” — KStarLive attends K-Pop UNICON

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“Introducing Rookie Groups to Hallyu Fans Across The World” — KStarLive attends K-Pop UNICON

On October 11th, 2019, KStarLive participated in ‘K-Pop Unicon’ which was held in Myeong-Dong, Seoul and hosted by Myeong-Dong Special Tourism Council and Must M Entertainment. K-Pop Unicon featured multiple K-Pop groups such as LaBoum, MUSTB, XOX, Moonlight Girls, GreatGuys, and more for tourists and passer buyers who were lucky enough to be in the area.

At K-Pop Unicon, KStarLive was in charge of the interviews as well as direct cams of the performances. Groups such as MustB, XOX, Moonlight Girls, and GreatGuys took the special opportunity provided by KStarLive’s interviews to greet the 9.4 Million subscribers held on the platform. They provided fans around the world with a heartfelt message thanking them for their support as well as introductions about each member and their main choreography points.

As for the direct cams of the performances, KStarLive was able to perfectly shoot videos so that every member that was performing was included in the shot. KStarLive then proceeded to add subtitles to the video and release on their platform for Hallyu fans around the world to enjoy.

KStarLive was also able to make short contact with two Idol groups, the Moonlight Girls and Alphabets, named respectively. The Moonlight Girls are waiting for their upcoming official debut in November and they pre-uploaded their title song ‘Go Go Up’ on youtube as a teaser to increase their recognition amongst K-Pop fans. The Alphabets is a boy group full of talented individuals who have recently finished their Europe tour in April, where they performed self-composed music.

KStarLive’s CCO(Chief Communication Officer), Kim Seok In, noted that the next steps for KStarLIve involve introducing new rookies such as the Moonlight Girls and Alphabets. He also added that “KStarLive, with a subscriber base of 9.4 million, is capable of advertising to Hallyu fans all around the world by publishing content on its platform.” Furthermore, “When these rookies of great potential enter the scene through KStarLive and become globally famous, it will be a huge help to not only KStarLive and their agencies but also to the Hallyu industry as a whole.”

In order to maintain sufficient interactions with Hallyu enterprises, KStarLive made exclusive corporate partnerships with IdolChamp, Hanteo Charts, and more. Starting with the 2019 Seoul Music Festival’s VIP Seats Pre-Staking Event, KStarLive drives to expand more on Hallyu commerce. According to KStarCoin’s official roadmap, the next major milestone is in Q1 of 2020 where a Southeast Asia K-Pop concert will be held. With more and more opportunities to interact and experience blockchain-driven Hallyu commerce, KStarLive aims to meet the expectations of both global Hallyu fans and investors of KSC.

KStarLive’s roadmap can be found on the link HERE.

What is KStarLive?
KStarLive is a Hallyu media platform for fans around the world. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content. Through its innovative approach of curating and providing content from the viewpoint of the fans themselves, it was able to amass over 9 million subscribers within a two-year span.

KStarLive began with the belief that users that help generate value through platforms, be accurately compensated and rewarded. Currently, Hallyu fans are creating valuable and high-quality content on multiple SNS platforms yet the monetary value created is retained by the said platforms. KStarLive’s platform is different in that it will distribute value logically and fairly to the rightful owners via KSC (KStarCoins). With the rewarded coins, users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-Pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star-related goods, as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks to their favorite celebrities).

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