2019 Seoul Music Festival x KStarLive — A Glimpse of the Bright Future for Hallyu Fans Around the…

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2019 Seoul Music Festival x KStarLive — A Glimpse of the Bright Future for Hallyu Fans Around the World

Lasting from September 28th to October 6th, 2019 Seoul Music Festival starred X1, Astro, CIX, Girlfriend, and multiple other hot K-pop artists to light up Gwanghwamun Square. The festival successfully entertained the audience not only with flashy performances, but also with side performances, mini fan-meetings, Hallyu corporation booths, and a variety of other events. Cooperating with SBS MediaNet and the Metropolitan Government of Seoul, KStarLive also actively participated in the 2019 Seoul Music Festival as its main sponsor. As the world's largest Hallyu media platform, KStarLive took its time to hand out the promised pre-event staking tickets and communicate with the fans and investors that visited the festival.

Overview of 2019 Seoul Music Festival, from booths to main performances

Prior to the main performances, a variety of Hallyu events had been prepared for visitors and people who were waiting to buy tickets. The main performances started at 8 PM except for the last day, which had the finale scheduled at 7:30 PM. Refer to below for some of the amazing entertainment that was prepared for attendees!

— Main Performances: CIX, X1, Everglow, Astro, and other many K-pop stars brought Gwanghamun Square to life

— Sub Performances: Audience-engaging activities such as busking, mini-con, fan-meetings, lectures, and more were prepared

— SMUF Café: Fans got the chance to get up-close and personal with K-Pop stars while they prepared drinks in the café

— Future Music Center: Attendees got the chance to experience 5G technology and how it would be further implemented into K-Pop in the upcoming years

— K-pop Village: Consisted of K-pop’s core management corporation’s booths such as KStarLive, Korea Management Federation, and more so that fans could ask questions and gain more information on the industry

KStarLive was well prepared for the 2019 Seoul Music Festival. Starting with the pre-ticketing event, KStarLive was able to communicate with a diverse range of visitors whilst also supplying them with fun stickers and activities while they waited in line. KStarLive distributed Hallyu themed tattoo stickers, ticket holders, and tumblers to those who also participated in the booth's event. The event and its missions were simple. Create accounts on KStarLive's application and download the app. Booth visitors also got the chance to write post-it notes and share with the world who there favorite K-Star idols were and why they supported them.

KStarLive - Helping Hallyu fans both online and offline

KStarLive is a blockchain-based Hallyu media platform for fans around the world. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content. Through its innovative approach of curating and providing content from the viewpoint of the fans themselves, it was able to amass over 9 million subscribers and a monthly active user count of 1,000,000 within a three-year span.

With behind the scene stories, a recap of stars’ live streams, and extremely detailed content, KStarLive has drawn a lot of spotlight from Hallyu fans around the world.

Due to the fact that the 2019 Seoul Music Festival was held in Gwanghamun Square, a lot of foreign fans had come to the festival. Fans that gave KStarLive’s booth a visit were thoroughly responded to regarding their questions and requests such as the main performance time agenda or even concert plans for their favorite idols. After responding to the questions given about the performances and idols, attendees also received pamphlets that further detailed what KStarLive was about and its amazing service.

A Closer Look at KStarLive and its Reserved Seats

KStarLive rewarded participants in the KStarLive x Coinone staking event with reserved seats at the 2019 Seoul Music Festival. But first, what is 'Staking?'

Staking is a renowned blockchain-driven financial package called De-Fi(Decentralized Finance) that rewards people for not trading their cryptocurrencies for a specific amount of time. Staking is usually rewarded with cryptocurrency; however, KStarLive decided to reward people with reserved-seat tickets. By influencing people who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to purchase and hold KStarCoin (KSC), KStarLive was able to expand the blockchain industry's boundaries to real-life economics as well as showcase the ability to educate Hallyu fans to blockchain technology and its benefits.

KStarLive had reserved seats placed in the 'S' and 'A' groups. By taking a look at the picture above, one can easily see the immense difference between the two grouping areas. After these pictures were released for the public to see, there was a surge in demand for KStarLive's reserved seats. To meet the high hopes and demand of the public, KStarLive opened up a second round of promotions and rewarded users with a reserved seat for every 1,000 KSC that the participants had staked.

KSC(KStarCoin) tokens are the central currency for accessing exclusive goods or services found on the KStarLive platform. KSC tokens can be used to purchase concert tickets, participate in fan-meets, participate in crowdfunding activities, have access to Hallyu fan targeted products, exchange it for cash through a cryptocurrency exchange, and much much more. It’s only a matter of time until users realize the potential of the KSC and its importance to interact with everything Hallyu!

KStarLive intends to continuously develop more use-cases for KSC (KStarCoin) so that we can help create more value for Hallyu lovers around the world. Stay tuned to our official communication channels for the latest updates and also refer to the link below for more information on KSC and KStarLive.


KStarLive Shown and Advertised to the World

It was clear throughout the festival that KStarLive was the 2019 Seoul Music Festival's main sponsor. Introductory videos on KStarLive were constantly shown throughout and in-between performances and shows. Whether it was the main stage or the multiple sub-stages that plastered the 2019 Seoul Music Festival, the KStarLive Introductory video was easily seen everywhere. Starting with cross cuttings of K-pop stages and ending with short introductions of KStarLive, the swift changes and intriguing story drew a lot of the audience's attention. Please refer to the link below to see more details on the KStarLive advertisement that was shown to over 19 countries around the world.

KStarLive Advertisement

Investors Visit KStarLive's Booth and Talk About Future Plans

Many KSC Investors were present and visited the KStarLive booth asking about future plans and what to expect in the coming months. The answer was clear and concise. "We will follow the roadmap uploaded on our KStarCoin website and continue to think of and develop more use-cases for the KSC (KStarCoin). Also, expect more blockchain-based Hallyu events to take place." Press HERE to access KStarCoin's website.

The 2019 Seoul Music Festival is the first of many projects to come with KStarLive's cooperation with SBS Media Net. The pre-staking event and SMUF allowed users to dip their feet into the blockchain waters and trade cryptocurrency (KSC) for their first time. In an attempt to set the grounds of a healthy token economy, KStarLive plans to execute more projects regarding blockchain-driven Hallyu. It seems clear that KSC investors and Hallyu fans have better days to come with KStarLive’s bright future.

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