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Greetings from Contents Protocol team,

Our monthly report “Contents Protocol Times” includes the most recent announcements, community updates, and media coverage and will be shared every first week of the month.


(1) Updates on Roadmap — The Roadmap of Contents Protocol has been updated on the website. (

Under the roadmap, the Contents Protocol team will focus on developing the Data Dashboard and securing additional partnerships in Q4 2019.

(2) Participating D.Fine Conference— On the ‘Korea Blockchain Week’, the Contents Protocol team participated in the D.Fine Conference, which brought together domestic and global blockchain experts and officials including Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum. We had time to check the current situations and future strategies of domestic and global blockchain and cryptocurrency at this conference.

(3) UDC 2019 Expert Session — Alex Jihyun Won, the Co-CEO of Contents Protocol, held an expert session at the Upbit Developer Conference (UDC) 2019 on September 4th under the theme “Content Business and Token Economics”.

(4) Updates on Progress of Partnership — We have been holding meetings at home and abroad to sign up for partnerships. We will let you know through the official channels as soon as there is news that we can share.


News Media paid close attention to the presentation at the UDC Expert Session, and CPT Store where rewarded cryptocurrency is available in real life.


Team Contents Protocol

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