30,000 Users tune in for KStarLive x SBS MediaNet ‘On Way Out’

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On August 27th, 2019, KStarLive collaborated with SBS MediaNet to simultaneously stream and broadcast the program ‘On Way Out to Hallyu fans around the world. ‘On Way Out’ is originally live-streamed on the YouTube channel “The K-POP” after ‘The SHOW’, but to reach a greater global audience, KStarLive and SBS collaborated so that its content was also streamed on KStarLive’s Facebook channel.

On Way Out

On Way Out’ is a program created by SBS MediaNet that allows stars and celebrities who just finished performing on ‘The Show’, to talk about their experiences and their performance. Hallyu fans around the world especially love the content provided on ‘On Way Out’ as it gives them further insight as to what these celebrities are like off the stage and in some cases, a glimpse at their every-day fashion.

APink’s Oh Ha-Yeong (Top) and Red Velvet (Bottom)

For those of you who missed out on this collaboration which featured A-Pink’s Oh Ha-Young and renowned groups such as Red Velvet, there is nothing to fear. Live-streamed content is saved and later uploaded to the KStarLive’s platform so that users who missed out can watch it at the time of their choosing.

30,000 Users tune in!

Although ‘On the Way’ was the first live-stream provided by KStarLive on its channel, it was able to quickly amass over 30,000 global viewers. Users and supporters of KStarLive were quick to point out that KStarLive isn’t known as the ‘World’s Largest Hallyu Platform’ for nothing. :)

KStarLive’s content team contributed to the live-stream by providing fans around the world with real-time translations. The content team at KStarLive was able to convey and communicate with the fans by providing word by word translations of what the questions were, the following answers, an explanation and breakdown of the scenario, as well as interpretation of the Korean subtitles that were appearing on the program.

With the success of the live-stream done on KStarLive’s channel, fans around the world were quick to build curiosity as to the K-Star Lineup that would appear on future ‘On the Way’ streams.

The stream came to an end as “Main Sponsor: KStarLive’ was displayed on the program. KStarLive and SBS MediaNet have a history of successful collaboration such as ‘2017 Busan Asia Festival (BOF)’, ‘Super Model Compeition,’ ‘The Holic,’ and many more. Now that SBS MediaNet and KStarLive are official business partners, expect more content to be released so that our Hallyu lovers around the world can further experience and enjoy the Hallyu culture.

What is KStarLive?
KStarLive is a Hallyu media platform for fans around the world. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content. Through its innovative approach of curating and providing content from the viewpoint of the fans themselves, it was able to amass over 9 million subscribers within a two-year span.

KStarLive began with the belief that users that help generate value through platforms, be accurately compensated and rewarded. Currently, Hallyu fans are creating valuable and high-quality content on multiple SNS platforms yet the monetary value created is retained by the said platforms. KStarLive’s platform is different in that it will distribute value in a logical and fair manner to the rightful owners via KStarCoins. With the rewarded coins, users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-Pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star-related goods, as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks to their favorite celebrities).

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