“MEX” is Live in MEET.ONE Wallet, Trade to Win iPhone!

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MEX(MEET.ONE Exchange) IN Wallet

MEET.ONE Wallet officially launched “MEX” (MEET.ONE Exchange), integrating Top 3 exchanges ( Binance, OKEX, and Huobi Global). Just one account, you can seamlessly buy/sell among these three major crypto exchanges, that means trading with 300+ currencies, 1000+ trading pairs!

“MEX” is designed to offer users the extreme trading experience with the high liquidity and ultra-low commission.

To celebrate the release of “MEX”, we host the first-day trading airdrop. Join the event and get a chance to win iPhone 11!


Trading Day One: Trade the highest volume and get iPhone 11.

Event Time: 2:00 am Sep.3, 2019–2:00 am Sep.4, 2019 (UTC)

How to Sign Up on “MEX”?

  1. Download MEET.ONE Wallet and go “Discovery “ page, click “MEX”.

2. Click “Login/Register” on the left corner.

3. Already have a MORE.ONE account? Then you can directly log in with MORE.ONE account. Just enter your phone number or email address and password to log in!

If you are a new user, please click “Sign Up”/ “User register”.

4. Enter your verification code and go “Authorized to Login” page, just click “Agree” to log in.

MEET.ONE Wallet combines decentralized wallet features and centralized exchanges together, aiming to provide you a secure and effective cross-exchange trading experience.

Take part in the “MEX” trading to win iPhone 11. Want it? Just download MEET.ONE Wallet v2.9.0 and trade on “MEX”!

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