REDi working with Top tier commercial bank in S. Korea

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REDi working with NH Bank

Hello supporters,

We have a very pleasant announcement today.

Enerdot, REDi’s development and operation company, has worked to collaborate with NH Financial Group since Enerdot joins the NH acceleration program in March 2019. The first collaboration with NH Financial Group goes with NH Bank, one of the top commercial banks in S. Korea.

NH Bank has provided over a billion United States dollars to PV power plant businesses, and it’s very active engagement compared to other domestic commercial banks. NH Bank plans to minimize and control the risk of the loan provided to PV power plants by building a management system for the PV plants.

Enerdot provides the solution to satisfying NH Bank’s needs such as PV plants real-time monitoring and power plants’ data analysis. Enerdot will have access to thousands of PV power plants through the collaboration with NH Bank.

The MOU with NH Bank is a preview of upcoming collaborations with other sister companies of NH Financial Group. NH Financial Group plans to upscale of the collaboration, and it’s already in the pipeline.

Through business development and collaboration with mainstream corporates, REDi plans to build the ecosystem, which REDi token can be usable as a medium of exchange for data and information.

Enerdot operates and develops REDi’s business. REDi provides a blockchain-based renewable energy data marketplace where data and information are collected, utilized, and provided to renewable energy industry participants. The data collection is the key to build the marketplace, so Enerdot focuses on building an online infrastructure to collect data.

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