Everything You Want to Know about Antube

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Everything You Want to Know about Antube

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Antube is a blockchain-based mobile video community that combines DATA’s wallet, SDK and M3 mobile decentralized distributed storage framework, allowing users to mine coins based on the effective attention spent on viewing mobile ads and videos. “Value your moments”, Antube will share the ecological value and profit through blockchain technology to the effective contributors in the ecosystem.

December 2018, Antube was incubated by Kakao GroundX and DATA. On Jan 1, 2019, Antube officially released Alpa Test version. Mar 2019, Antube released open Beta Test. On Aug 1, 2019, Antube officially launched on Klaytn Mainnet and released wallet system. At present, the number of Antube users is near 500 thousand and is growing rapidly. Antube will be launched on Kakao’s Cryptocurrency Wallet Klip. In the future, Antube will collaborate with more first-class industry partners to expand its ecosystem and user base.

Download Antube:, You can use this invitation code: VQOFSM


1.What is the token information of ATT? Such as its total amount, token structure and etc.

We are preparing our whitepaper now, and we will upload it to our official website soon:

2.How to withdraw ATT and DTA?

Users can withdraw the ATT points and DTA points from Points Center to Antube wallet under certain rules. The more videos you watch in Antube, the more withdrawal balance of ATT and DTA you will gain. You can check the details in Antube App.

Currently users cannot withdraw ATT or DTA immediately from Antube wallet to other wallets or exchanges. For ATT, after ATT is listed on exchanges, users can withdraw it from Antube to exchanges. For DTA, after token swap users can withdraw DTA to exchanges because now all DTA on exchanges are erc20 tokens but DTA in Antube are native DTA coins. They have different addresses. If someone transfers erc20 DTA to native DTA coin address, the tokens will be lost.

3.Why I cannot get DTA or ATT immediately after I complete tasks in Antube?

If you have questions regarding how to use Antube, or other general questions, feel free to contact Please put your Antube account email address, country/region, device and App version information in the email.

Recent News

DATA’s first ecosystem app Antube will be launched on Kakao’s Cryptocurrency Wallet “Klip”, which will support DTA and ATT, the native tokens of Antube. Kakao plans to release Klip within the year. Klip will help DATA further improve brand vaue, expand user base and promote ecosystem. Check out here:

Antube will have 2 updates on August 9. First, the withdrawal approval function has been updated. It will be officially released today. All withdrawal applications before this update will be cancelled. Users can submit the withdrawal application again for approval. Second, Antube will update a new version App. P2P booster function will stop for one day. After the new version is launching tomorrow, users can update Antube to the new version and use P2P booster function again. Check out here:

Antube is officially released on Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet, and launches wallet system that supports Klaytn within its App. Check out this news:

Antube wallet function will be available soon in Antube. By translating the file into one of these languages (Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic), the first participant will get 5000 ATT. Please send it to Check it out:

Learn how to do score wall tasks to earn a large amount of DTA in Antube! Check out Antube score wall strategy:

Antube, incubated by DATA and GroundX, is going to be released on Klaytn soon! Ground X has also announced that nine blockchain projects — including HintChain, Antube, Pibble are to be successively released on Klaytn by the beginning of July. Learn more about the news:

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