Antube Completes Integration on Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet

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August 1, 2019, Antube is officially released on Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet, and launches wallet system that supports Klaytn within its App. This update of Antube will be officially launched on Aug 2. When wallet function release, tokens in Antube will officially switch to Klaytn. In the meantime, Antube will launch a series of campaigns and expand user base with DATA and Klaytn in Q3 and Q4, including Antube Airdrop activities with other ecosystem partners, DATA token swap after it releases on Klaytn and Turbo Project accordingly. The details of campaigns and airdrops will be updated later.

From Beta Test in Mar 2019, Antube has acquired nearly 500 thousand users, mainly in Asia, including South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesian, India and etc. Joining Antube ecosystem in early stage, users who mine tokens will gain a certain first-mover advantage, and enjoy the potential benefits of growing with Antube. In Antube ecosystem, users mine tokens by making an effective contribution. The difficulty of obtaining Token is dynamically adjusted according to the number of active users of Antube and the effective contribution. Like Bitcoin, the number of miners in early stage is fewer, the effective contribution is more, and the gain from mining is higher. As the number of users grow in the future, computing power competition will become more and more fierce, and the difficulty of token mining will increase accordingly.

After Antube wallet system release this time, DTA previously mined by users will directly switch to native DTA coin based on Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet. Meanwhile, The ATT points previously acquired by users will be withdrawn according to the latest withdrawal rules. Besides, users will first earn points and then convert them into tokens by withdrawing points. The users’ token will be stored in the Klaytn wallet supported by Antube. In the future, Antube will integrate more third-party cooperation wallets, to make it convenient for users to manage tokens.

About Antube

December 2018, Antube was incubated by Kakao GroundX and DATA. On Jan 1, 2019, Antube officially released Alpa Test version. Mar 2019, Antube released open Beta Test. On Aug 1, 2019, Antube officially launches on Klaytn Mainnet and releases wallet system. In the future, Antube will collaborate with more first-class industry partners to expand its ecosystem and user base.

About Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet

South Korea is the market with the highest user penetration and acceptance in the global blockchain industry, while Kakao has more than 50 million active users in Korea. Antube’s partnership with the Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet will help further expand user base and potential partners, and provide a better foundation and foundation for ecosystem development.The in-depth cooperation with Kakao’s Klaytn Mainnet will help strengthen the brand value and influence of Antube in Korea and the world, and promote the ecosystem development of Antube.

About DATA

DATA is a blockchain-based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. DATA’s core technology stack and business model is similar to BAT(Basic Attention Token) and Filecoin (IPFS), but only focused on mobile industry. Antube is the first App that adopts attention-based monetization advertisement SDK in DATA ecosystem, and it also helps to further expand the real use case as well as user base of DATA through cooperation with Kakao Klaytn ecosystem.

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