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Antube is a blockchain-based mobile video community application that combines with SDK -wallet provided by DATA and M³ mobile distributed storage system, enabling users to focus on mining through video uploading, viewing, sharing and watching mobile ads.

It is Antube’s mission to create value for users. Users can get certain rewards by uploading videos, watching videos, sharing videos, checking in daily, watching ads, and inviting friends. In addition, users can easily and efficiently win DTA rewards by completing score wall tasks. In this issue, we will briefly introduce score wall and detailed strategies of completing score wall tasks for reference of community users.

What is score wall?

“Score Wall” is a new type of mobile advertising promotion model. Advertisers display high-quality apps or other high-quality ad formats through Antube, and users participate in ad interactions by completing surveys, downloading demo apps, shopping, etc. Advertisers’ products can be efficiently promoted at low cost through “score wall”; at the same time, users can obtain virtual currency and other rewards by participating in score wall tasks.

Score wall tasks in Antube mainly include questionnaire, download & installation, game demo, game upgrade, shopping discount, etc. By completing the above tasks, all users can get corresponding DTA rewards. In addition, through shopping discount score wall task, users can directly enjoy shopping discount or cash back reward.

Strategies of Score Wall Activity:

Step 1: enter score wall. Open Antube App, go to the taskbar page, select [Complete Reward Task] in [Daily Task] column, and click [GO] button to enter score wall.

▲Step1: Enter Score Wall

Step 2: Select specific tasks in score wall. After entering the task interface, users can select score wall tasks according to the size of the reward or personal preferences.

▲Step2: Select Corresponding Score Wall Tasks

Step 3: Complete tasks according to specific requirements of the selected score wall tasks. The following are examples of tasks such as questionnaires, game experience upgrades, and shopping. Users can click [Earn] to jump to the corresponding website or download page according to the specific requirements in the task page, and then complete the task according to specific requirements.

▲Step3: Complete Tasks According to Task Requirements

Step 4: View the rewards you have received. After completing specific tasks, corresponding rewards will be issued after the advertiser has passed the review. Users can check whether the rewards are issued by checking the DTA wallet details in Antube. The issuing time is 3–7 days. If the reward is not issued after the timeout, please contact customer service.

Activity Description:

  1. Please complete the task in strict accordance with the specific requirements of the score wall task page, otherwise the reward may be invalid.
  2. Please update the software to the latest version before participating in the activity.
  3. If you have any questions or any suggestions, please contact us through Antube official email.

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