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Antube M3 version adopts the alpha version of M3 mobile decentralized storage infrastructure. The second round of our test will cover North America and Asia. Participants can experience M3 technology and win 5000 DTA & 5000 ATT within one week. We will contact qualified participants and send our download link and apk file to them, and invite them to our M3 test Telegram group.

Campaign Time: May 27 to June 2

Sign up:


1. From May 27 to June 2, participants need to be online, using Antube or running in the background, during 2 periods per day:

  • Asia: 12:30–12:50, 22:00–22:20(UTC+8)
  • North America: 12:00–12:20, 20:00–20:20(UTC-8)

2. From May 27 to June 2, upload at least 5 videos per day during the chosen 2 periods

3. From May 27 to June 2, watch at least 10 videos per day during the chosen 2 periods


The reward will be sent to your Antube account on June 7 if you complete the one-week task successfully. Every successful participant will get 5000 DTA & 5000 ATT.

About Antube

Antube is a blockchain-based mobile video community that adopts DATA’s beta version SDK and M3 mobile decentralized storage infrastructure, allowing users to mine DTA based on the effective attention spent on viewing mobile video and playable ads. “Value your moments”, Antube will share its ecosystem value and profit empowered by the blockchain technology to the effective contributors in the ecosystem through its native token economy.

About M3

DATA’s core technology is M3, a P2P based mobile storage infrastructure. It enables users to share their device level resources, such as storage and bandwidth, to support metadata level mobile data storage, such as log files, short video and video ad content, in a decentralized manner.

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