KStarLive- Is it a Hallyu News Media? A Blockchain? An App catered for Fandom?

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KStarLive is the world’s largest Hallyu media platform with over 9 million users around the world. Currently, Hallyu fans are creating valuable and high-quality content on multiple SNS platforms yet the monetary value created is retained by the said platforms. KStarLive’s platform is different in that it distributes value logically and fairly to the rightful overs via KStarCoins (KSC). With the rewarded coins, users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-Pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star-related goods, as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks to their favorite celebrities), and more.

Considering KStarLive has so many diverse and unique characteristics, it is being introduced and identified on portal sites in multiple ways. KStarLive is renowned for its integration of blockchain technology into the Hallyu industry giving birth to titles such as ‘The World’s Largest Hallyu Platform’, ‘Blockchain Focused’, ‘Incentivized Social Media Platform’, ‘Hallyu News Media’ and more.

KStarLive: The source to check for International Appeal and Reactions

KStarLive is a Hallyu media platform is catered towards fans around the world. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content.

When you look-up and search ‘KStarLive’ in portal sites, you can commonly see it being used as a source of news on the Hallyu Industry from multiple news outlets around the world. Most notably, it is often used as a reliable source when confirming how international fans react to certain events.

Recently, Gyeongnam Daily cited KStarLive as its source in the article titled “Why BTS Jungkook is the Golden Maknae” on July 24th, 2019. They also used KStarLive’s platform to check the international appeal and reaction the content had.

Similarly to Gyeonngnam Daily, multiple articles can be found further detailing KStarLive and its reputation as being a quality source of information for Hallyu lovers around the world. It is highly praised for delivering content that is appealing to the 9 million+ users it has globally. KStarLive continues to live up to its image and name as the ‘The World’s Largest Hallyu Platform’.

KStarLive and Blockchain

KStarLive was introduced to the world as a simple Hallyu news media outlet but now it is gaining a lot of attention for its strides within the blockchain industry. When searching KStarLive in a Korean news portal site, multiple articles can be found detailing not only the partnership with renown media outlets such as SBS Medianet, Busking TV, Hante Chart, and more, but also multiple blockchain-focused companies such as Hexlant, PandoraTV (MovieBloc), Vital Hint, ChainCabinet, Luniverse, and more.

Notable Blockchain News (KStarLive)

  • Advisor and Highlight speaker at T-Conomy Meetup 2019
  • Advisor and Highlight speaker at Brypto Network Meetup 2019
  • Advisor and Judge at Hackathon (Sponsored by Binance)
  • 1st Place at Ethcon for its expertise in Blockchain technology and practical integration
  • Investment from global blockchain investor ColinStar
  • Partnership with Lambda256 and Luniverse
  • The first project to list a Luniverse based token (KSC)
  • Advisor and Highlight Speaker at Lunverse’s Partners day (Held at Upbit)

Release of the KStarLive Application

KStarLive recently released its application on Google Play which allows users and Hallyu lovers around the world to easily access their favorite news and articles. Users can stay updated on their favorite stars and relevant industry news anytime and anywhere— all while being rewarded with KSC.

KStarLive Application for Android

(**IOS Version currently under development**)

KSC(KStarCoin) tokens will be the central currency for accessing exclusive goods or services found on the KStarLive platform. KSC tokens can be used to purchase concert tickets at a discounted price, participate in fan-meets, participate in crowdfunding activities, have access to Hallyu fan targeted products, and much much more. It’s only a matter of time until users realize the potential of the KSC and its importance to interact with everything Hallyu!

With its variety of characteristics and attributes, KStarLive is being introduced to the world in a variety of ways. It encompasses a Hallyu News Media outlet, Blockchain technology, and the go-to app for Hallyu fans around the world. Stay updated on KStarLive and look forward to new updates that will surely bring more value to Hallyu fans around the world. :)

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