KStarLive CEO, Hee-Yong Lee, Holds Blockchain Seminar at SBS MediaNet

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‘SBS MediaNet and KStarLive collaborate to Reward Hallyu Fans Around the World’

On August 8th, 2019, KStarLive CEO, Hee-Yong Lee, held a seminar at SBS MediaNet HQ. Scores of SBS MediaNet employees were present and got the chance to learn more about KStarLive and Blockchain Technology. At the seminar, not only did Hee-Yong Lee educate and lecture the employees on the potential of blockchain technology on capturing and maximizing on the expected growth of the Hallyu Industry, but also discussed ways SBS MediaNet and KStarLive would continue to collaborate to bring about the best experience for Hallyu lovers around the world.

KStarLive and SBS MediaNet have collaborated together for content such as ‘2017 Busan One Asia Festival (BOF)”, ‘Super Model Contest’ and ‘The K-pop” prior to signing their formal business partnership on July 31st, 2019. With a formal business partnership, expect KStarLive and SBS MediaNet to provide more content and value by providing you with exclusive concerts, merchandise and much much more :)

KStarLive- Transitioning from a Hallyu Media Outlet to a Blockchain-based Hallyu Community

KStarLive is the world’s largest Hallyu platform. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content. Through its innovative approach of curating and providing content from the viewpoint of the fans themselves, it was able to amass over 9 million subscribers within a two-year span.

KStarLive began to integrate Blockchain technology into its platform in February of 2019. With the implementation of Blockchain technology, it helped transition the platform from a simple Hallyu media outlet into an Incentivized Hallyu Community. Fans began to share content amongst themselves such as fan cams, memes, fun clips, reviews about their favorite stars, and more, all while being rewarded with KSC (KStarCoin).

KStarLive Project — The Key is Rewarding Fans for their Fandom

One of the first questions that arose during the Q&A session of the Seminar was “What made you decide to implement blockchain technology into your platform?”

KStarLive CEO, Hee-Yong Lee’s response was simple.

“Because we need to reward fans for their Fandom”

KStarLive began with the simple belief of fair distribution of value. Currently, Hallyu fans are creating valuable and high-quality content on multiple SNS platforms yet the monetary value created is retained by the said platforms. KStarLive’s platform is different in that it will distribute value in a logical and fair manner to the rightful owners via KStarCoins. With the rewarded coins, users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-Pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star-related goods, as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks to their favorite celebrities) that were once difficult for foreign-users to access.

Hee-Yong Lee believes that an incentivized community will have a snowball effect in which users will begin to engage more with the platform and take advantage of the KSC (KStarCoin). It’s only a matter of time until users realize the potential of the KSC and its importance to interact with everything Hallyu.

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