CoinOne — User guide for Foreigners

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CoinOne — User guide for Foreigners

Hey everyone! It’s the KStarLive team.

As many of you guys have heard, KSC (KStarCoin) has been listed on Coinone as its first cryptocurrency Exchange.

We noticed that many of our international users were having difficulty accessing Coinone. Specifically getting passed the ‘Phone Verification’ process on their platform. Please find below a step-by-step guide on how to sign up and start trading on their platform.

Coinone is one of South Korea’s largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Coinone has also obtained ISMS certification proving its reliability.
  1. Connect to Coinone’s platform at
You can change the platform’s language settings to English by pressing the letters KR found in the upper right corner and then pressing EN.

2. Create an account on Coinone by pressing ‘Sign up’ found in the upper right corner. Read the Terms & Policy and press ‘Agree’ if you wish to proceed with creating an account. Then, press ‘Next’.

3. Input your e-mail and password and then press ‘Completion

4. Please check your e-mail. You will find a verification e-mail sent from Coinone.

The next step is where many of our international users had problems. Foreign users could not get passed the Phone Verification process. Foreign users can bypass this by…

  1. Connect to Coinone’s support page at :

2. Press ‘New Ticket’ found in the upper left corner.

3. Fill out your name, your e-mail address, and as the subject input “Foreigner: Phone Verification

As the Category choose ‘Verification Error

As the Sub Category choose ‘Phone Verification

4. Add attachments that will help verify your identification

  • A copy of your passport
  • A photo of you holding your passport. (Both your face and the passport photo must be clearly shown)

Coinone’s support team will assist you so that you can begin trading on its exchange as soon as they verify your information.

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