KStarLive (KSC) Discloses Information on Xangle to Provide Exchanges and Investors with…

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KStarLive (KSC) Discloses Information on Xangle to Provide Exchanges and Investors with Institutional Grade Reports

KStarLive believes transparency is key to protect investors and for the crypto asset market to transition from today’s speculative investment environment to a more rational and legitimate environment. Lack of information is one of the major causes of speculation. By practicing disclosure on Xangle, we are tackling information distortion and ensuring our investors get all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

As part of this partnership, our team went through a strict due diligence process by Xangle to publish a separate Due Diligence Report that will be made available to Xangle’s partnered exchanges. Exchanges will use this institutional-grade report to perform a continuous evaluation of projects. Currently, they are actively working with leading exchanges such as Coinone, Bithumb, Korbit, GOPAX, and CPDAX, to name a few.

Comprehensive information is also available to retail investors, so you can check out our public information disclosure page HERE. When you are uncertain about our current token supply or want to know the latest business updates, we recommend you check Xangle as it holds the most accurate information.

About Xangle
Xangle provides accurate, comprehensive, and up to date token information as well as company information of blockchain projects so that crypto investors and exchanges are able to make better investments or listing decisions.

Note: Xangle is in the Beta version today, and is planning to revamp in the coming months with a new look and disclosure feed. You will be able to receive timely feeds of KStarLive’s official disclosures on Xangle once the platform goes live, so stay tuned!

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About KStarLive

KStarLive is a Hallyu media platform for fans around the world. Its services are focused on non-Korean fans that have had difficulty accessing and finding English Hallyu content due to language barriers and the over-saturation of content. Through its innovative approach of curating and providing content from the viewpoint of the fans themselves, it was able to amass over 9 million subscribers within a two-year span.

KStarLive began with the belief that users that help generate value through platforms, be accurately compensated and rewarded. Currently, Hallyu fans are creating valuable and high-quality content on multiple SNS platforms yet the monetary value created is retained by the said platforms. KStarLive’s platform is different in that it will distribute value logically and fairly to the rightful owners via KStarCoins. With the rewarded coins, users will be able to purchase goods and services related to K-Pop and Korean culture such as concert tickets, MD goods, star-related goods, as well as gifting services (such as subway billboard ads and sending food trucks to their favorite celebrities).

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