KStarCoin — Token Swap Guide

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KStarCoin — Token Swap Guide

Hey guys! It’s the KStarLive Team.

We would like to inform everyone that KStarLive is transitioning its main net from Etherieum to Luniverse. ERC-20 based KSC holders must swap their tokens into Luniverse based KSC in order to trade the tokens on an exchange.

The swap process is very simple. Once you have received your virtual account from KStarLive’s platform, deposit your ERC-20 based KSC into the account. Once the deposit is complete, the KSC Swap Program will automatically recognize the tokens and swap the said tokens into Luniverse based KSC.

Please find below a more detailed guide on the swap method.

Token swapping method from ERC-20 based KSC to Luniverse based KSC
  1. On the KStarLive App, press the ‘My Page’ tab. You will be directed to the wallet feature. Next, Press ‘Detail>’.

*Users who are not using the mobile application to access KStarLive’s platform must locate and press the profile image located in the top right corner of the web page. Next, Press ‘More> located next to the wallet feature.*

2. Click the ‘Swap ERC20 based KSC’ button.

3. Click the ‘Create Virtual Account’ button. Once you perform this action, your virtual account will be issued.

4. Send your ERC20 based KSC to this virtual account from the wallet you are holding your ERC20 based KSC. We have provided detail guides on how to deposit coins from some major cryptocurrency wallets below.




5. Once the deposit is complete, the KSC Swap Program will automatically recognize your ERC20 based KSC and swap them for Luniverse based KSC into your KStarLive wallet.

6. Confirm that you have received your KSC by checking your wallet displayed on the ‘My Page’ tab.

[Please be Advised]

  • The whole swap process will take approximately 5–20 minutes*
  • There is no deadline for token swaps. When KStarLive has plans to stop the swapping service, KStarLive will notify users through the announcement page on its platform as well as all official communication channels.
  • Please ensure the deposit address is correct. KStarLive bears no responsibility if a transaction is made to the wrong address

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through telegram or email.



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