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Greetings from Contents Protocol,

On August 10th, Huobi Korea and WaykiChain co-hosted the D’APP Live event that brought together five projects (Contents Protocol, Airbloc, Piction Network, WITH, REDi) for panel discussion. Hoyoung Kang, Klaytn’s head of business development, led the panel discussion by asking questions to each of the project representatives.

The panel discussion began with the representatives introducing their projects. Below are questions and answers for Contents Protocol.

Q. Contents Protocol has launched its service and is currently preparing for a bigger service. How does Contents Protocol plan to attract global users?

A. Contents Protocol always aims at expanding its business globally. The concept of creating a data analysis tool and service for content industry, however, is something very new, which is why Contents Protocol is focusing on the local content market to create a reference that can be used to expand to the global market. Establishing a successful reference in Korean content market will greatly facilitate our global expansion. Contents Protocol is currently building good cases by leveraging WATCHA, Inc.’s resources. As a result, we have partnered with JTBC, MBC and maintained good relationships with global studios to seek further collaboration opportunities.

Q. In creating a BAPP(Blockchain Application) ecosystem, it is important to become a mainstream service that can attract user participation. What are Contents Protocol’s plan to engage the general population?

A. Becoming a mainstream service is not an easy task. In the content industry, users are familiar with consuming movies or dramas, but not so much with the concept of contributing to content production and receiving reward. We see it as our objective to find out ways to scale up and engage the general people.

To make something become widespread it must go viral, and in becoming viral, influencers play an important part. Compared to the general people, WATCHA users consume more movies and dramas and many of them are active users. They proactively participate in our surveys and marketing campaigns, and we are truly blessed and privileged to have such great users who make an effort to spread Contents Protocol to people around them.

By participating in the panel discussion, Contents Protocol team was able to demonstrate its direction for global business, share accomplishments fulfilled so far, and discuss the components of blockchain service ecosystem.


Team Contents Protocol

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