MEET.ONE Wallet Supports Native Binance DEX

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MEET.ONE Wallet is updated to V2.7.0 and supports native Binance DEX. Users can directly log in Binance DEX and complete “buy & sell” transactions within one second. No more PC scan and complex authentications.

From now on, users who make MEETONE transactions via MEET.ONE wallet will have the chance to participate in trading airdrop and share a total giveaway of $90000. Such an extremely convenient experience belong to every user!

How to Join in Trading Airdrop?

Participants should hold 1 BNB + 10,000 MEETONE and reach a minimum of 100,000 MEETONE trading volume on Binance DEX. Wash trading will not be included in the quantity calculated.

One-second Transaction Experience

  1. Log in Binance Chain Account, tap “Transaction.”( No Binance Chain account? Click Tutorial)

2. Import the price and the amount you want to buy in, and then click “Buy MEETONE.” “Sell” follows the same instructions to “Buy.”

3. Tap “Confirm”

4. If you agree “No More Input Before Exit,” you don’t need to reinput your password for later transactions under wallet logged in. This brings significant conveniences for users.


The below picture shows more features, like “Trade other token”, “Cancel order”, “Check history order”, etc.

In the next version, we will make further enhancements, such as supporting K isarithm and other more functions.


Andriod V2.7.0 is available now, and ios version will go live after Testflight review.


Download MEET.ONE wallet:

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