How to create a Cosmos account in MEET.ONE Wallet?

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MEET.ONE 2.6.0 now fully supports Cosmos. Unlike with EOS accounts, you can register a Cosmos account free! The following tutorial shows you how to set up a Cosmos account.

  1. Go to the “asset” page in the MEET.ONE wallet, click the account name on the top left , and then choose “Create”.

2. Select “Cosmos wallet”, input your wallet password, agree to the “ Terms of use & privacy policy” and tap “Create Wallet”.


Unlike an EOS account name, which is used as a payment address, the Cosmos account name is simply an identity on Cosmos.

3. Then, you will be taken to the public/private key page. Be sure to record your private key correctly! (please note that capital and lower-case letters DO matter), When finished, tap “ Done”.

Security Precautions

a. A private key represents ownership of an account, once lost or stolen, it will result in irreparable asset losses. Please be sure to copy it down correctly and keep it safe!

b. Do not take a screenshot, transmit a private key over the internet and/or keep your private key someplace where it can easily be stolen.

4. Once you have successfully created a Cosmos account, you can transfer ATOMs from an exchange or other Cosmos accounts to your Cosmos public key, which is your payment address.


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