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One of the best parts of the Aion Network is the strength, passion, and engagement of its community. From around the world this eclectic group comes together every day to explore, build, debate, and learn more about the future of the internet. The foundation has a great appreciation for the community and often leans on its members to echo our announcements, test our network, knock down doors for us, and hold us accountable to our promises.

As we grow, so does our community. This growth requires an increasing amount of attention and resources for us to properly foster and engage the community. Part of that time and attention is to keep things friendly, respectful, and non-judgmental. We believe that these qualities will in the long term foster the kind of atmosphere required for innovation.

To date

For those that haven’t always been with us, we’ve gone through a few variations of community management that have involved full time resources in Telegram, to other formats with moderator proxy groups. We’ve learned a few things as we’ve grown and we want to renew our commitment by doubling down on what’s working and proposing some new initiatives that we think will benefit the project.

Going Forward

We want to commit to a few initiatives that will involve participation from everyone and enable two-way communication.

Weekly Community Reddit AMA 👇


The Weekly AMA is a reoccurring opportunity for the community to engage with the Aion Foundation team in a Q&A format. This is the most frequent and easiest way for your questions to be answered that aren’t addressed in blog posts or other Foundation communications. We aim to rotate in members from different pods to provide varying perspectives from the Foundation.

We’ve been doing this for five months now and will continue to support it and let it evolve. We don’t expect employees to be in Telegram everyday so this is an ideal format for them to engage directly. The more questions you ask, the more we can share!

Monthly Video Update from Matt Spoke

The Monthly Video Update is a summary of the main project updates from the month, including some additional commentary from Matt Spoke and other Foundation members. The Monthly Update Videos are posted to the Aion YouTube.

We all appreciate these videos. Since the inception of the project they’ve kept us in the loop with what is going on at a high level and offer a unique perspective most projects are not providing the public.

Quarterly Financial Disclosure

How We Operate

The Aion Foundation believes in holding itself to the highest standards in governance and accountability. Releasing quarterly financial reports is a major part of our commitment to transparency. All reports can be found here.

This is a cryptocurrency leading initiative that sets precedent. We will continue to put these reports out, and expect more from our peers when it comes to financial transparency. Create the world you want to see!

Quarterly Video AMA from team

The Quarterly Video AMA is designed to be a more personalized and engaging format for the AMA. The Video AMA follows the same Q&A format as the standard weekly AMA.

This is new, and will aim to be a larger, more inclusive live AMA to field questions, share asks, and get aligned across multiple areas including network security, integrations, development, accessibility and more.

Quarterly Community Survey

Although we currently gather suggestions from community discussions, the quarterly survey will provide a quantitative and fair approach to hear from each member of the community on a regular basis. Following results analysis the survey results will be published along with our resulting action items.

This is also new. We field a lot of suggestions, concerns and feedback from many sources. It’s not always easy to sort signal from noise and we’re looking to focus on high leverage, big impact items. If and when you have specific asks that we implement, we have a process in place to track those asks to outcomes and report back to you on the end result.

Community Rules of Engagement

In addition to the structured communication plan above, we’ll also continue to provide public updates through social media. Please do not expect foundation employees to respond to you 1:1 via Telegram— and if they don’t, please don’t take it personally. We need to both streamline our communication and avoid inconsistent information.

Please also note that we’re often limited in our ability to share information due to many factors (Legal, NDAs, Regulatory, etc.) and as such we cannot comment or answer questions which would introduce risk to the project.

Finally, we have worked with community moderators to draft a “Rules of Engagement” list that includes how to interact with the Foundation and it’s employees, community moderators and other members in Aion community channels. This list is simple, straight forward and is guided by a simple ethos: be a good person to others and have respect for the work we’re all doing together.

⛔️Aion Official Channel Rules⛔️

1️⃣ Be Respectful. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Personal attacks, harassment, trolling, and foul language are prohibited.

2️⃣ Be Truthful. Cite to sources of information whenever possible. FUD, hype, fake news, and misinformation are prohibited.

3️⃣ Keep it High-Quality. Add value to the conversation. Referral links, trading groups, phishing websites, advertisements, shilling, and duplicate content will be removed.

4️⃣ Keep it Aion-Related. This is a channel to discuss Aion Network news, announcements, technology, and ecosystem partners. Promoting projects unrelated to Aion is prohibited.

5️⃣ No Price Talk. Discussion about trading, market, and price discussion is welcome only on Aion_Trader Telegram or Aion Trader Reddit.

6️⃣ Do Your Own Research. Answers to many frequently asked questions can be found using AionTGbot and AionNewfeed in the Aion Telegram channel or on the Aion Reddit Wiki.

7️⃣ If You See Something, Say Something. Speak up if someone is violating the rules and notify admins for enforcement (reply to the offending message with “@admin”).

Channel Links

Wish List

There are a number of ways the community helps drive the Aion project forward. One way is to help get Aion on the radar of relevant publications (blogs, podcasts, etc.) who haven’t covered the project yet such as:

On May 4th we launched the public draft of the Unity Whitepaper outlining our proposed hybrid PoW/PoS consensus algorithm. We’ve created a simple form for your Unity specific feedback here.

Lastly, our Ecosystem Pod has been hard at work creating new documentation that we welcome feedback on via GitHub:

  1. End to End IntelliJ Tutorial
    A fully updated tutorial on how to write, compile, deploy, and call a Java contract using IntelliJ.
  2. Ethers.js Examples
    A bunch of example functions you can do with Ethers.js. Includes a sample contract.
  3. Web3.js Examples
    A bunch of example functions you can do with Web3.js.
  4. Node Overview
    A quick overview of what nodes are and what they’re used for.
  5. Digital Assets Overview
    What digital assets are, and how they can be designed.

Thank You.

We genuinely want to thank you for your on-going support. We know it isn’t easy to be so dedicated and passionate about a project without full visibility into the decisions and actions being taken around it but we’re doing our best to be transparent. We’re working hard to rebuild the internet and are very grateful that you’re pushing along with us.

Lastly, a big shout out to the community moderators! Although the community moderators are not Aion Foundation employees, without them, none of this would be possible. To mention a few, thank you @a_toad_a_so, @Knevil, and @specterg .

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