Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Live!

Aion | 06.06| 345

The AVM hard fork has officially happened!

What an incredible journey it has been to building the world’s first JVM-compliant Blockchain virtual machine. We set out on the mission to build the AVM over a year ago and it has truly been a team effort. Part of that team includes our passionate community who have been supporting and cheering for the project through the crypto winter and into the spring — Thank you!

We made the strategic decision to leave the JVM intact so we could fully leverage the mature eco-system around it. Leaning on a hardened language like Java was crucial since a major obstacle for a business interested in Blockchain is the cost and time needed to train their teams on unfamiliar frameworks, languages, and tools. The AVM removes those obstacles and provides developers with a familiar and reliable development experience. We’re very excited about the projects already building on the AVM and can’t wait to see them go live. Aion strives to bring Blockchain to the mainstream and the AVM is the first big step towards that vision.

See below for Matt’s monthly update video including the AVM launch with Jeff Disher and also Unity with Yao Sun:

If you’re interested in the Aion Research & Roadmap Team (ARRT) and/or the Unity project check out Yao’s AMA this Friday.

If you, or someone you know is interested in building a dApp on the AVM, check out our Aion Docs for free comprehensive tutorials and tools to get started.

Lastly, we’ve written a few AVM-related articles over the last year you might have missed so if you want a deeper dive, check out:

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