Aion Token Recovery Swap Program

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The initial Aion token swap from Ethereum based Aion ERC-20 to native Aion coins was completed on December 2018 with over 97% of the tokens swapped.

Community members who missed the swap have been waiting to complete the swap and we are happy to announce that the Aion Token Recovery Swap program is now live. Community members can now submit a request on the Aion Community Support service desk to get their ERC-20 tokens swapped.

The Aion ERC-20 contract on Ethereum was paused at block #7854631, and a manifest of outstanding account balances was generated. The swap process will use this manifest to validate the account addresses and corresponding balances.

We have written a detailed guide to help you establish ownership of your Ethereum account and link your Aion account to Ethereum account securely via cryptographic signatures. Hence, it is essential that you read the guide in detail before submitting a ticket. If you have any questions after reading the guide, please reach out to the community on our forum.

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