REDi partners with Klaytn, the public blockchain from Kakao Corp.

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We are pleased to announce that REDi has partnered with Klaytn, the public blockchain platform by the blockchain arm of Kakao Corp., the operator of Korea’s top mobile messenger app KakaoTalk.

Selected as Klaytn’s initial service partner, REDi will join an elite alliance of projects spearheading the public adoption of blockchain in various industry sectors around the world, including notable projects such as Cosmochain, Contents Protocol, and Humanscape. Our team at REDi is confident that the strategic partnership with Klaytn will provide greater momentum to provide added value to the energy industry through the industrial adoption of blockchain.

Kakao Corp. is arguably the largest internet service provider in South Korea, with a major presence in messaging, gaming, and content services, as well as notable expansions into the financial services and mobility sectors. Kakao announced its intentions to become the major driver for blockchain adoption in Korea, planning the launch of its own public blockchain platform through its blockchain arm, Ground X. Klaytn’s competitive advantage is in its emphasis on providing an accessible platform for users to more easily experience a wide variety of blockchain services.

Klaytn’s elite group of blockchain projects representing various industry sectors

Since releasing the testnet version of Klaytn in October, Klaytn has formed partnerships with over 30 initial service partners focusing on providing blockchain-based services in various industry sectors, including healthcare, e-commerce, and creative contents. Klaytn has also announced plans for the official launch of its main-net in late June.

Through close collaboration with Klaytn, we hope to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain into the daily lives of every user, as well as to introduce a wide range of data-driven services to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry. Following our recent selection into two of the most renowned accelerating programs in Korea for joint research and development, it is a great privilege to now join hands with Klaytn to bring about our innovative services to the wide public, both domestically and to the greater audience around the world.

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