Important information regarding our Token Metrics

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In line with our internal policy for open communications and transparency with our REDi community, we would like to update you on important factors that can better help you through our upcoming Token Sales!

Token Lock-up and distribution schedule

Please refer to the specifics below in regards to tokens sold in private sale period, as well as our lock-up policy for our team and advisors.

i) Private sale token
- Private sale period: Completed in 2018
- Participants: Institutions and general investors
- Sale volume: 500 million REDI tokens (approximately 5% of total token supply)
Lock-up policy: 30% of the purchased amount released 3 months following the initial listing
Vesting period: 70% of volume after the lock-up period, with 1/n installments for a period of 3 months
Bonus: details not to be disclosed; lock-up for 6 months following initial listing, with 100% of amount vested for 6 months with 1/n installments
- Token price: 1REDi = 0.002 USD

ii) Team token
- 1.5 billion REDI tokens (approximately 17% of the total supply)
- Lock-up: 20% to be distributed 6 months after the initial listing
- Vesting period: 80% of volume after the lock-up period, with 1/3 installments for a period 6 months

iii)Advisor token
- 300 million REDI tokens (approximately 3% of the total supply)
- Lock-up: No lock-up 10%, 6 months lock-up 40%, 12 months lock-up 50%

REDI Token incineration

We have also announced plans for token incineration, which will have an effect on the token volume and circulation. The aforementioned actions are partly due to recently acquired equity investments, such as via selection into the NH digital challenge plus accelerator program, as well as for efforts to efficiently manage our ecosystem via strategically managed token circulation.

The number of tokens to be incinerated is a total of 1 billion REDI tokens, which is approximately 10% of the initial total supply of 10 billion REDI tokens. The supply allocated to the token sale have now been reduced from 3 billion to 2 billion. Our hardcap had been adjusted from the initial 6,000,000 USD to 4,000,000 USD, while our softcap remains unchanged as 2,000,000 USD. Accordingly, we estimate approximately 1.5 billion REDi tokens in circulation in the early phases following initial listings.

Furthermore, the incineration of tokens can be found via the address: 0x73a70D1FE5a14cd20e5C469140cC66d345F28277

We thank you for your understanding and for your unwinding support. Our team at REDi will continue to ensure that our progress is communicated to our community in the most sincere and transparent manner.

If in case you have any other questions regarding the announcement, please feel free to direct your inquiries to

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