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Greetings from Contents Protocol team!

Our monthly report “Contents Protocol Times” includes the most recent announcements, community updates, and media coverage and will be shared every first week of the month.


(1) CPT listed on CoinMarketCap

Contents Protocol Token (CPT) is listed on CoinMarketCap. You can now easily check information about CPT on CoinMarketCap.

Listing of CPT on CoinMarketCap demonstrates once again that Contents Protocol is a reliable project with growth potential.

👉 Contents Protocol on Coinmarketcap

(2) Official listing on Coinone

Contents Protocol Token(CPT) is officially listed on Coinone, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea.

(3) Announcement on the launch of CPT Store

Contents Protocol will launch CPT Store on May 8th. On CPT Store, users will be able to use CPT to redeem Watcha Play subscription plans, movie vouchers, tickets for performances, electronics, etc. We will also host various events for new members who sign up on CPT Store. There will be various opportunities to receive CPT rewards while participating and contributing to the content ecosystem, so please stay tuned!


(1) Ethereum2.0 Meetup with Vitalik Buterin

On April 4th, Contents Protocol team visited ‘Ethereum 2.0 meetup’ held at Google campus in Seoul, Korea. Vitalik Buterin gave a speech on Shaper(Sharding +Casper) and Ethereum 2.0 development progress and had a Q&A session with audiences.

(2) D.VIP Conference

On April 19th, Contents Protocol team participated as a partner in ‘D.VIP Season 1 Conference’, held in Amoris Hall, Meritz Tower, Gangnam, South Korea. D.VIP is a blockchain study and networking group run by D.Street, one of the major blockchain media in South Korea.

James Lee, head of business at Contents Protocol, introduced Contents Protocol’s mission of “bringing big data into Hollywood. Zoe Kim, community manager of Contents Protocol, also briefly shared her experience with D.VIP and said “It was great to directly communicate with people who are highly interested in our project and listen to their thoughts and ideas on new service and functions we are planning to release.”


News media anticipated that Contents Protocol team would become a good example of mass adoption of cryptocurrency by launching CPT Store.

Stay tuned for more updates from Contents Protocol team!

Team Contents Protocol

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