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1 The REDi infranet
The REDi infranet is a decentralized data marketplace for renewable energy. With blockchain, REDi Infranet will consolidate various industry data into standardized and reliable information in a cost-efficient way, providing every industry participant the necessary tools to increase productivity and efficiency of power generation, the two key pillars of renewable energy. A blockchain-based platform allows safeguard of consolidated data for the entirety of the solar PV’s operational lifetime, as well as grant proper data ownership and incentives to ecosystem participants, creating a boundless ecosystem for renewable energy as well as to true democratization of energy.

2Our competitive advantage
REDi is widely acknowledged as a top-tier project in Korea, with its business capabilities recognized by many institutions and investors. The scalability and of the REDi infranet is unmatched as it provides various data-driven services to the fastest growing industry sector to date.
To put things into perspective, operators of solar PV plants (both small and large-scale) will have access to real-time monitoring and comparative analysis to their daily power output, service providers (such as O/M service providers, financial institutions) will have direct B2C connections to clients, and potential and future operators will have standardized and verified information to base their decisions regarding clean energy adoption.

3 Services developed and commenced early this year
Through continuous research and development, REDi has developed and commenced services of SUNDY M, an AI-based real-time monitoring system for solar PV plants. Deemed as a technological precursor to the REDi infranet, the SUNDY M system integrates various data such as in power generation, maintenance needs, and power generation efficiency of multiple solar power plants in real time. In particular, since January of this year, the SUNDY M system has been incorporated to solar PV plants operated by Hyundai Renewable Labs, a prominent utility-scale solar power operator in Korea, evermore defining the technological capability of the team behind the REDi project.

4 REDi’s future potential acknowledged by top financial institutions
REDi has recently earned coveted spots in — not just one, but two — highly-competitive start-up incubator programs hosted by Korea’s top financial institutions. It’s a real testament that our unique plans to drive the digital transformation of renewable energy have been recognized by two top-tier financial institutions, NH financial group, and Shinhan Bank. Not only have we been selected to and received major investments from the renowned accelerator programs, but we have also proceeded in the collaborative development of a unique solar power plant financial valuation system, adding to a wide range of services to be offered through the REDi infranet platform.

5 A landmark microgrid project in collaboration with the city of Seoul
REDi, in collaboration with ITCEN Co., has been selected by the city of Seoul to partake in one of the largest microgrid projects to date. REDi will engage in the development of Seoul’s unique microgrid energy system, by installing solar energy units to 89 Seoul apartments and by implementing a prosumer power trading platform within. Through the implementation of decentralized energy networks, individual households will be capable of sustaining efficient power production and use within small, localized areas.

6 Strategic MOU with Pacifico Energy Korea
Not only did we formed a strategic partnership with Hanwha Investment & Securities, one of the leading institutions providing various asset management services, we have also formed an MOU with Pacifico Energy Korea, the Korean division of the largest mega-scale solar PV operators in Japan. Along with our comprehensive alliance of domestic leaders in renewable energy and data management, we have laid the foundations for future business expansion both domestically and throughout various markets.

7 We are a team of leaders and experts in energy and data analytics
Our educational backgrounds consist of UC Berkeley, USC, University of Toronto, Seoul National University to name a few, as well as comprehensive experience at major technology firms such as Samsung, NAVER (one of the largest domestic online platforms), Hyundai, and SK. Furthermore, our project has formed strategic alliances with market leaders renewable energy, data management, and blockchain specialists.

8 Consecutive sell-outs of token sales
With our unparalleled business expansion being acknowledged and gaining attraction domestically in Korea, our prior rounds of Token Sales have all ended early with unprecedented sell-outs. Our sale at Token Bank had been sold out within minutes, followed by successful sales at Probit Exchange and Cobak, one of the largest crypto platforms in Korea.

9 Efficient management of token metrics
Along with our sound business model and practical business applicability, our team at REDi has shown technical know-how for efficient token management and sales tactic implementation. We have recently announced plans for token incineration, to reduce our allocation for the Token Sale by 10%. As a result, a total of 9 billion tokens are made available, with 2 billion REDI tokens allocated to the Token Sale. We have also disclosed fully, the lock-up requirements for our team, advisors, and private investors for maximum transparency and cooperation with our community members.

10Next token sale at VELIC
We are continuing on our momentum, with the next Token Sale set to take place at Velic, a strategic partner of ICON. On May 11th, a total of 100,000,000 REDI tokens will be allocated for the Token Sale. All of us at the REDi team is working towards completing the Token Sale and for successful listing within this quarter of 2019. And as ever before, we hope to update you as our business expansion gains fruitful traction throughout the following months!

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