200 KStarCoin (KSC) Airdrop Event on LAToken!

KStarLive | 05.03| 426

Hi Everyone!

We just wanted let everyone know that we currently have an airdrop promotion on LAToken Exchange. LAToken is a global top 30 exchange that we have been working closely with. By Completing a few simple tasks (after joining LAToken), you’ll be able to receive 200 KSC (Approx $10 worth)

You simply have to

  1. Follow KStarCoin’s Twitter Account
  2. Make a retweet
  3. Join KStarCoin Telegram group
  4. Join LAToken Telegram group

and you will receive 200 KSC!!!

Here is the link to the LAToken — KStarCoin(KSC) airdrop page

Below are quick guides to help you on how to make a LAToken account and receive tier 2 verification!

How to make a LAToken Account:

How to get tier 2 verification!:

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