How to receive your FREE airdrops! — Making a wallet on LAToken

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How to receive your FREE airdrops! — Making a wallet on LAToken

Hey guys!

Many of you are new to cryptocurrency and have asked us how to receive your Free airdrops and bounties. To receive KStarCoin you will need to sign up on LAToken! So, today we will give you a step by step on how to make an LAToken Account!

LAToken is a global crypto-currency exchange that will soon support KStarCoin! Today we’ll be showing you how to make an account on LAToken and how to receive your airdrops!

1st. Go to You know you are on the right site of this is the first screen you see.

LAToken Main Page

2nd. Click the “LOGIN” button on the top right hand corner.

3rd. Click “register” and enter your email, password and click the checkbox. Make sure you keep your email and password SAFE.

4th. Click the box to agree with LAToken’s privacy policy and click Confirm.

5th. Go to your email and confirm your email address! After confirming, you will be guided back to LAToken’s website.

6th. Now click the “Wallet” button on the top left side of your screen.

7th. ETH is the symbol of Ethereum. Click on the Deposit button on the ETH line.

8th. The series of numbers and texts in the “ETH Deposit Address” is your ETH wallet address on LAToken. Make sure you keep all of your passwords and addresses private for additional safety!

9th. Send us the E-mail address you signed up in LAToken with & ETH wallet address to receive your KStarCoin(KSC) airdrops and prizes! (It is crucial that you send us both!)

To Find out more about KStarCoin and what you can do with your KStarCoin please check out our video at the top of the page!

* Signing up on LAToken will allow you to convert your KStarCoin into Bitcoin or Ethereum when KStarCoin is officially listed on the LAToken exchange!

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us through telegram or email



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