KStarCoin — Hard Fork Announcement

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KStarCoin — Hard Fork Announcement

Dear followers of KStarCoin,

Today we are announcing a fork on KStarCoin (KSC). Before our team starts a major sale (To be announced very shortly) we wanted to make a few improvements. The timing of this fork is due to the fact that we wanted to complete the fork before a public offering.

We understand that a fork can sometimes be taken as a step back or flaw on the original coin. However, we truly believe that we owe it to our investors, holders and users to do everything in our power to provide the absolute best we have to offer. The following are the improvement we have made on the new KStarCoin(KSC)

1) Account minimum lock function

Hacking in cryptocurrencies have continuously been in the news this year. With the new update on the coin, a user will be able to set a lock for a minimum balance. It will take 12 hours to lower this balance. For example, lets say a user had $3,000 worth of KSC and had set the minimum balance at $2,000. If the account were to be hacked, the hacker will only be able to withdraw $1,000 worth of KSC. It allow the user 12 hours to see that their account has been compromised and to take action.

2) Additional security measures

Additional anti-hacking methods have been put in by separating the admin access amongst different participants.

3) Improvements on coin application on exchange

We’ve updated the coin to be efficiently used by multiple exchanges as we plan on being listed in multiple exchanges.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telegram



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