How to receive your FREE airdrops & bounty — Making an Ether Wallet Guide for Dummies

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Hi guys!

Many of you are new to cryptocurrency and have asked us how to receive your Free airdrops and bounties. To receive KStarCoin you will need an Ethereum Wallet! So, today we will give you a step by step on how to make an Ether wallet!

Before we even begin, make you are using the right website and not an imitation. Make sure you are careful with phishing sites. The codes and information you get on this website, KEEP THEM PRIVATE!

Without further ado, these are the simple steps on how to create your own wallet on Ether. Although there are many Ether wallets available, Myetherwallet is a very popular service & we’ll be using them as an example!

1st. Go to You know you are on the right site of this is the first screen you see.

Welcome page on Etherwallet

2nd. Now that you are on the right site it will ask you to enter a password. Type in your password and click “Create New Wallet”. Make sure you do not share this password, and that the password you choose is one that will not be easily hackable. Ether states on the bottom “This password encrypts your private key. This does not act as a seed to generate your keys. You will need this password + your private key to unlock your wallet”


3rd. Ether will now ask you to “Download Keystone File”. Click on it, it will automatically download to your desktop. Make sure you back this up somewhere safe, like your own personal USB! You will need your password from step 2 to open this file. This is the encrypted version of your private key!

Download the file!
File downloaded.

4th. READ THE WARNING! Make sure you read those 3 warnings, if you fully understand them click on “I understand, Continue”.

5th. Write your private key somewhere safe and/or print it! This way you will have multiple copies, and you will not have trouble reading it in the future. Remember you will need this code to access your wallet! Then click on “Save Your Address.”

Save our private key.

6th. Unlock your wallet to see your address! Pick any of the options you feel the most comfortable with.

7th. After you are done, your screen will look like this. We recommend going to, and searching your address. After you find it bookmark it! This will help you see your balance at any time but ensure you are not led to a fake website!

Your wallet

8th. Make sure you check your address and private key!

You will need to give us your ether wallet address for us to send you KStarCoins.

We hope this helps you! However, if you are new in the cryptocurrency world we understand you might have questions. We recommend checking these two sites.

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