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Our Story — Background

KStarCoin is KStarLive’s Cryptocurrency that will be integrated into KStarLive’s Hallyu Community. We started this project 9 months ago for a simple reason: Fair distribution of value.

Currently, fans of Hallyu are creating valuable, high quality content on SNS platforms that generate monetary value. However, all of the profit generated by the content is currently kept by the SNS platforms. Using blockchain technology, we will be able to accurately give back value to our users. Any activity that generates traffic (such as creating content, reading, sharing) will be rewarded in the form of our coin! Through our platform, we will distribute value in a logical and proper manner.

Content = Traffic = Value → Traffic Generators

The following is a simple video that explains our project

Click here if you would like to view KStarCoin introduction video in Chinese

What is KStarLive?

Over the past two years, KStarLive acted as a media platform for fans of Hallyu all around the world. Our service focused non-Korean fans that had difficulty finding content or information in English and allowed foreign fans to exchange and engage in a manner that they have not been able to previously. Through our approach, in a period of two years, KStarLive was able to build a follower base of over 8.6 million users around the world.

Over 8.6 Million Users On Facebook

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