Makkii wallet now supports AION

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A wallet focused on the Chinese market with english localization

Download Makkii for Android

Makkii has a very easy and friendly user interface, users can get started quickly. In this wallet, users can create and recover existing AION wallets, send and receive AION coins, and look up transactions. Makkii does not collect any user’s sensitive personal information, like phone number or email address. Only minimum wallet information is encrypted and stored on your phone.

Besides working as a hot wallet, it also supports integrating with the cold wallet — Ledger. Use an OTG cable kit to make connection between Android phone and Ledger device, a user can import and manage ledger accounts in Makkii.e

The makers Chaion see the future of Makkii as a digital asset hub connecting the Blockchain network and multi-domain business scenarios. The ultimate goal of Makkii Wallet is to create a decentralized, cryptocurrency market for AION communities to help people gain convenience, mobility and security in their daily life.

They encourage users to submit all technical bugs to GitHub, as well as discuss on our forums for conversation and inquiries.

Download Makkii for Android

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