REDi develops AI-based solar PV monitoring system

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developed and commenced services for Hyundai Renewable Lab

We would like to update our REDi community on our recent progress and details regarding our business development.

Since January 2019, REDi has been providing an AI-based solar PV plant monitoring solution to Hyundai Renewable Lab, which has been actively expanding its solar power generation portfolio through various investments and operations of solar PV plants in Korea.

Hyundai Renewable Lab is a subsidiary of Hyundai Corporation and primarily focuses on the expansion of its solar energy generation assets through various investment in, and operations of solar PV plants in Korea. Hyundai Corporation has been supplying solar PV modules and inverters to various overseas markets, including Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and Africa, as well as to solar PV plants in Korea that are operated by Hyundai Renewable Lab.

SUNDY M (sample image)

REDi’s integrative solar PV monitoring system, called the SUNDY M, utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor multiple solar PV plants and its overall status, by integrating various data such as in power generation, maintenance needs, and power generation efficiency in real time. In particular, the SUNDY M platform enables on-demand maintenance services by tracking and forecasting various factors that are crucial to solar power generation, such as in hardware maintenance and partial component installations. Through real-time AI analysis, the SUNDY M system can notify users of potential power plant malfunctions, forecast power generation, and provide comprehensive database for efficient operations of solar power plants.

In this regard, the SUNDY M system can be regarded as the technological precursor to the blockchain-based REDi infranet platform, as it is indeed a significant step towards developing and commercializing REDi’s unique data-driven service offerings to the renewable energy industry.

REDi aims to build upon these business and technological progress towards the development of the blockchain-based REDi infranet platform. These data-driven services will, in the future, provide the foundations for the mass-adoption of decentralized energy systems such as in peer-to-peer energy trading, as well as allow various data-based innovative services to emerge in the renewable energy landscape.

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