New mobile SDKs for Aion dApp Development

Aion | 03.06| 419

Pocket Network launches native iOS and Android SDK’s for blockchain development

The Pocket iOS and Android AION plugins will allow any developer to leverage the AION network using a native or cross-platform implementation, connecting to any Pocket Node with AION support.

It allows for client-side Wallet management, client-side transaction signing and abstractions to a single, easy to use interface for accelerated dApp development.

Why this matters

Developing decentralized applications for use on mobile devices just got a lot easier with the introduction of these SDKs. It means much of the heavy lifting you would need to do to get your app functionally decentralized comes out of the box. 🙏

Early Prototyping

We’ve been working with Pocket Network to create early prototypes using their SDKs. This prototype will be open sourced and available in the coming weeks.

How to get started

Jump into this beautiful mobile decentralized ocean below:

Official Docs and Walkthroughs

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