WandX Founder & CEO Abhinav Ramesh AMA Wednesday, December 19th at 10am EDT

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Join us here for an AMA with WandX Founder & CEO Abhinav Ramesh AMA on Wed., December 19th at 10 am EDT

WandX is strategic decentralized infrastructure development partner based in Bangalore, India. Wandx is launching the following products: Aion Coin with Ledger integration within the WandX wallet, a decentralized exchange that has a unique feature called Basket Protocol and node infrastructure for decentralized applications.

WandX: A decentralized exchange


WandX is organized around the idea of creating smart crypto-instruments for the new-age crypto trader. And to that effect, WandX is building a robust, decentralized multi-blockchain DEX-based trading platform powered by a proprietary Bakset Protocol. WandX’s basket protocol allows token traders to create a composite “basket” of tokens on smart contracts, tradable at one go. This way of token trading helps hedge risks and better manage one’s portfolio of crypto tokens. With the rapid tokenization of the global economy, the key to crypto success will depend largely on the ability of new age crypto asset holders to transact, transfer, and trade easily and smartly, and WandX is working to enable this ecosystem through smart crypto financial instruments.

Abhinav Ramesh

Abhinav is the Founder and CEO at WandX, a first-of-its-kind multi-blockchain DEX with a unique ‘basket’ trading protocol that allows one to buy into a collection of tokenized assets in a single transaction. In his earlier role at Ernst & Young, he was a management consultant working on supply chain transformation projects. He’s an Ironman finisher, and enjoys sports and reading in his spare time.

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