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After 12 weeks of amazing community participation and support, we have finally reached the end of the Aion Token Swap!

Over these 12 weeks, we built an ecosystem of mobile, web, hardware and desktop wallets plus leading global and regional exchanges. Providing our community with multiple options and tools depending on their technical experience and preferences.

We also launched the first Aion bridge, the Token Transfer bridge marking the first token swap to provide a trustless mechanism to migrate assets. We saw overwhelming adoption with over 95M AION crossing the Token Transfer bridge. Shout out to all the pioneers that swapped using the bridge!

By putting our technology to the test and bringing together an engaged ecosystem of global partners and community members, we have completed the swap period with over 94% of ERC-20 tokens converted. This amazing participation in such a condensed period of time marks the Aion Token Swap as the most engaged token swap to date.

As of November 30th, at 23:59:59 UTC the Swap will be officially over, and we will commence a recovery process for AION tokens.

So, if you still haven’t swapped your AION Tokens to AION Coins, the easiest way for you to complete the swap is to use Changelly, just click the link below.

Swap AION ERC20 to Mainnet | Changelly

To read more about Changelly supporting the AION Token swap, take a look at the article below.

Wanna swap your AION ERC20 tokens to Aion Coin? Do it with Changelly!
Hey there, Aion holders! We have a really good news to announce for each one of you who wants to seamlessly swap an old…

Exchanges Listing The AION Coin

AION Coin can now be purchased or sold on the following exchanges.

Wallets Supporting The AION Coin

AION Coin can now be held in the following wallets.

For a complete list of all swap documentation, please review our Token Swap overview documentation.

If you have any questions please reach out to

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