Signals from the Void — An Introduction

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Signals from the Void — An Introduction

Advancing dialogue on important issues in Web3

One year has passed since the inception of the Aion Project. In the time that has passed, we’ve grown the project to a headcount that exceeds sixty in regions all over the world. We launched a test-net, and subsequent main network with active miners across the globe. We built the fastVM for increased transaction throughput and bridged the Ethereum Network to the Aion Network. More importantly, we’ve grown up, into an ecosystem of contributors, builders, and maintainers.

Along this journey, we’ve been listening closely to our community. A strong signal has formed around the desire for more external inclusiveness into how we think about this space and our role within it. Operating as we have has provided us with the opportunity to focus on our work and deliver exceptional software, however, it has reduced the diversity of thought that comes from a community of stakeholders lending their perspective and opinions on subject matter that ranges from the non-technical to the uber-technical.

In the coming months we have big milestones that we’re excited to share, and we’ve decided to publish more of our thinking around why these milestones matter, why we’ve made decisions in the ways that we have, what it means for web3 in aggregate and how you can get involved in the conversation.

By communicating a variety of perspectives on technology, operations, marketing, security, engineering, ecosystem growth and more we hope to provide the community with a stronger sense of why we exist and how we view our role as early (but not permanent) stewards of the quest to rebuild a broken internet.

When we first approached the community for support in launching the Aion Project one year ago, we committed not only to an unwavering focus on engineering excellence but also to a higher standard of accountability and transparency. In building the foundational technologies that will power tomorrow’s internet, we intend to embed these principles into our organizational DNA, as well as our system design. — Matt Spoke, Founder of The Aion Project

Stay tuned for more in this series of posts under “Signals from the Void” — advancing dialogue on important issues in blockchain.

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